“I’m young, we didn’t have records”

Date: 02/16/2018


QIC: Gravity (Q School), LETC (Seasoned Vets)

# of Pax: 23

PAX: Gravity, LETC, Parrot head, FNG “Vinyl”, Mayhem, Minecraft, Dep Dog, Blade, Mr. Kotter, Tiny Dancer, Tom Sawyer, Mr. T, Canary, Brady, Hahvahd, Wreck it Ralph, Pony Express, The Adjuster, Dixie Chick, Snickers, Surf n Turf, Flight Nurse and Busted Grill.


Gravity says Good Morning and the Mission Statement. Introduces LETC for a pop quiz on F3’s Core Principles. After having a few of the new guys lead some warmup activities, we split into two groups.


Gravity (all PAX who have Q’d 2 or less times): mosey ¼ of the way around the loop. Organize the pax for an Indian Run, making sure everyone understands the pace setter is the first guy in front, and only one Indian runs at a time. We make it to the Tennis Courts.

School Time: Be sure to clearly announce the exercise and destination. Be sure to identify and designate someone in charge of the six – provide a definition of the 6.

While at the tennis courts, Dora 5, 10, 15. Pair up to complete 50 merkins, 100 air squats and 150 Freddie Murcuries while one partner runs to the other side and back – High Plank on the six. Explain that when visiting other AOs outside F3Cape Fear, some will take a 2-3 minute break between activities, but not in the land of Fear! While in the plank, we do one handed planks for 10 counts.

School Time: Why do we count?

Mosey to the blacktop path. We stop, gather the 6 and two different pax lead us in exercises. Then we mosey around the baseball fields a little more, complete some more activities led by a pax. Around the baseball fields, we stop by the parking lot to the basketball court and discuss the importance of knowing the terrain of the AO. The entire park in within your realm and don’t hesitate to be creative.


Mosey up the hill and discuss what happens at the end of the workout. Some Qs always do mary, some do sprints, some finish the workout with no last activity, just the COT (Circle of Trust). The Pax were encouraged to study the lexicon. Also, learn which PAX have titles, and as a Q, ask them to go get the 6 when someone falls behind. We leave no man behind, but we never leave him where we found him.


Wind sprint to the flag, the rest of the pax followed right behind.


LETC: everybody else. Mosey the long way around the pond to the Pullup Bars with 5 burpees at each speed bump. At the bars pair up:

5 pull ups, 10 dips repeating until partner B returns. Partner B moseys to the bridge, bear crawl over bridge and 10 box jumps then run back to pull up bars. Flap Jack x 3. Indian run back to the Flag.


All PAX converge for mary at the flag. Newer pax were asked to lead some mary exercises mixed in with a few others. Several things (flutter kicks, hello Dolly, crunchy frogs, LBCs, protractor and box cutters). I might have forgotten a few things.


COT: 3 HCs to do their first Q signed up today. Prayers for Busted Grill’s M – surgery on Tuesday for a replacement knee. Prayers for F3, the military and our first responders.


Welcome to FNG “Vinyl”.


With honor, Gravity … thanks for letting me lead, it’s a blessing to be a member of this group, but an ever greater blessing to Q and give it away.



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