It’s Complicated….


QIC: Snickers

# of PAX: 13 #Battleship

Pax: Dept. Dawg, Flight Nurse, Mr. Kotter, Tombstone, FNG Hall Pass, FNG Glow Stick, RX, Hoverround, Tiny Dancer, Busted Grill, FireMarshallBill, Milton, and YHC

Warmorama: SSH ICx25, 4 Burpees OYO, Cotton Pickers IC x15, 4 Burpees OYO, Moroccan Night clubs IC x 15, 4 Burpees OYO

The Thang:

13 PAX were Partnered UP. These partners would stay together for the remainder of the workout. Everyone Moseyed to the Beloved parking garage. Instructions we given and everyone nodded in understanding. But sadly there wasn’t understanding:) Poor explanation or poor listeners hard to tell. Since I did the explaining I will blame the PAX:)

At this point the partners paired up with another pair for the work out. Each round started with 10 partner merkins, then all PAX journeyed to the top of the stairs and back down. Back at the bottom partners 1 ran up one level of the ramp to meet partners 2 who went up one level of stairs. At the top of each stair the partners who came up the stairs did 10 burpees. Anytime you were waiting on the other pair you would do LBC’s. At the level one meet up partners 1 would headed up stairs and partners 2 hit the ramp. Only the partners going up the stairs did the Burpees. At each level the partnered pairs would swap from ramp to stairs. Each partnered pair would do the exercise twice per round. Once both partnered pairs made it to the top they would all return to the bottom together. End of round one. Round two was the same but this time it was 20 merkins and round three was 30 squats. Any group completing all three with time to spare would start over with round one.

When the time was all gone we moseyed back to the AO where Mr. Kotter lead the PAX in 20 Hello Dollies to close out the day.

Dept. Dawg brought out two FNG’s. Very impressive!! We may have a new EH king in the Cape Fear area. So want to give a shout out to Hall Pass and Glow Stick.

COT: Prayers for Tiny Dancers Friend Chris who has terminal cancer.

Announcement: Coffee time with HoverRound before his big day, HMP Q school February 16th.

Strong work Everyone. Was a honor and privilege to Q the workout today. So grateful for F3 and the men that make it what it is.

Snickers OUT






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