A little love

QIC: Busted Grill

The PAX: Gravity, Deputy Dawg, Tiny Dancer, Kramer(really), Snickers, Milton, Wreck it Ralph, Chicken Noodle, Mr. T, The Adjuster(really), Pony Express, Parrothead, Blade, Trump, Mr. Kotter

Warm up: Seal claps 20 IC, Cotton Pickers 20 IC

The Thang: I promised a little love, so each PAX got a Valentines heart with an exercise and number of reps custom printed on the front. After completing the exercise oyo, each odd number PAX switched Valentines with the even numbered PAX to his left. These exercises were then done oyo. Everyone now has a Valentine’s partner, so Dora 1-2-2 is next. The exercises are 100 carolina dry docks, 200 squats and 200 crunchy frogs. One partner exercises while the other partner runs the parking lot loop. Obviously 1-2-2  stands for 1 2+2 which is 14 which is Valentines Day. We then moseyed toward the pull up bars with a stop along the way for 100 partner assisted sit ups per twosome. On to the pull up bars for a 2-4-6-8-10-8-6-4-2 pull up pyramid. Comments along the way indicated that pull ups are expected when I Q. Almost every PT test includes merkins,  squats and pull ups  and from my experience we do merkins and squats essentially every post, but pull ups only occasionally so….. Time to mosey back to the ghost flag (which seems to spend a lot of time at HMP) with stops at the speed bumps for 50 merkins per twosome except once one twosome reached 50 we all moved on.

Mary: Flutter kicks

Counterama and namerama, announcements, then I turned it over to Pastor Snickers for an awesome short message on Ash Wednesday. Maybe he will share that message with all the PAX? Pastor Snickers then closed us out in prayer.

Thanks for the honor and opportunity to lead.





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