We Ghana run…


AO : Run Forest Run / Ruck Forest Ruck / UNCW

QIC: Blade (run) & Parrot Head (ruck)

# of PAX: 17 (12 runner & 5 ruckers)

PAX: Parrot Head, Deputy Dawg, Hoveround, Heisenberg, Busted Grill, Fat Back, Sweater Vest, Mr. Kotter, Daggerboard, Busted Grill, Niles, Trump, LETC, Sir Mix A Lot, Mayhem, Money Gun (FNG)

3 PAX for EC ruck (~1.6miles) – Parrot Head, Deputy Dawg, YHC

With Parrot Head on the ruck Q (unknown to him until the PreBlast apparently) YHC grabbed the run Q. It worked as we both had a plan for a ruck & run Q respectively. PS: Parrot Head would like to extend his gratitude to whoever added him to the Q calendar for today!

Warm Up

SSH x20 IC

Windmill x15 IC

The Thang

Ruckers – Stay put with Parrot Head for whatever fun he has planned!

Runners – Mosey to the track for what should be fun…

At the track :
800m @ moderate pace

Flutter Kicks x15 IC & Sumo Squats x20

400m (backwards)

Broga lead by Niles

800m @ moderate pace (hopefully faster than your first 800m)

Moroccan Night Clubs x20 IC & Merkins x10 OYO

400m (backwards)

Broga lead by Niles

Mosey back to the flag along the back side of BG’s loop


American Hammer x25 IC (Mr. Kotter)

Hello Dolly x15 IC (Sir Mix)

COT / Moleskin

Thanks again to Parrot Head for grabbing the ruck Q on the fly! Gave YHC a chance to run, which I haven’t exactly done for a while.

Strong work by all of the run pax, 400m x2 backwards is NO JOKE! All in, we covered ~2.6 miles.

Welcome Money Gun! Glad to have you ITG, and hope to see you again soon!

Thanks for the Broga Niles, glad you were there to help us get our legs back! Also glad you weren’t Egypt…

T-claps to Mr. Kotter on the clown car action, 5 pax in one ride. Maybe we need to put in some F3 “bus stops” in Kotter’s hood for all the pax?

Ash Wednesday Service : 02/14 lead by Snickers – immediately following BG’s Q @ HMP/OGAO.

Hoveround’s Bachelor Coffeeteria : 02/15 after Battleship. Plus a TBA pizza/beer evening c/o Niles, some time after the wedding / honeymoon.

Hoveround’s wedding : 02/17! You are invited! Be there! Post @ Baywatch for Hoveround’s pre-wedding convergence.

Miracles in Motion 5k : 02/24 @ Olsen Park. Plenty of pax already signed up to run in the event. We’re making a day of it, so be there for 0700 convergence, event setup, run in the race, cheer for folks in the race, etc. Do any and/or all of it. This is our opportunity to make a HUGE difference in our community, don’t miss it.

Lots of other things going on too : 3 pax heading to Bragg 02/16 for the Joe Warner GORUCK Heavy – Ft Fisher Ruck 03/03 – Strut for Kids 03/03 – Lo-Tide Run 03/17 – Sir Mix @ BadWater Cape Fear 51.4 03/17

Prayers for pax & pax family dealing with sickness, loss, medical stuff. Prayers for all of us to be better husbands, leaders, fathers, men. Prayers for first responders & those who continually put themselves in harm’s way for our benefit.


As always, thank you for allowing me to lead. It was, and always is a gift!


Until next time…






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