Screaming Eagle Q school

Screaming Eagle AO, Veterans Park

When: February 9, 2018


PAX: Tiny Tank, RX, The Mountie, Sir Mix, Chicken Noodle, Tea Party


Welcome to Q school. Today’s workout centered around teaching the pax how to properly run a workout.  The men will get motivated and educated today. We’re going to go over how to count, proper commands, and how to keep control of the work out so everyone get something out of it. Leading a work out his port of the leadership responsibilities of being in at three. Every man is expected to lead a work out.

There are five core principles to F3 workouts;

Free of charge

Open to all men

Or held outdoors, rain or shine, heat or cold

Or led by men who participate in the work out any rotating fashion, with no training or certification necessary

And end with the circle of trust.

As I take the man through the work out I will take them through how to set up prepare for and Ron a work out.

The Thang;

Warm-up includes 25 side straddle hops, 25 Mountain climbers, 20 Merkins.

Are use the warm-up exercises to teach the man how do you properly count and the proper commands for each exercise.

Let’s go on a mosey

We will stop periodically and do exercises. This is called pearls on the string. We started with Merkins, squats, flutter kicks, hello dollies, jump squats. We did 25 of each exercise.

Next week moseyed to the large parking lot behind the high school.

Next up was The Beast 6-6-6.

Divided the parking lot in the four sections using the grassy islands. You would sprint to the first island and do six repetitions of an exercise sprints the second Island and repeat sprint to The third do six more reps sprint to the fourth island and do six reps, all the same exercise. You would then turn around and repeat it all the way back. You repeat this six times. Get it?? 6-6-6.

Next we ran to the pull-up bars. We broke off in the three groups. Group one would do five pull-ups, group 2 would do 10 dips, and group 3 would hold the Al gore position. We would rotate through till everybody did all three stations twice.

Next was the Bataan death March.

Get in a single file line. Start running. Last man stops does five Burpee‘s jumps up sprints to the front of the line as he passes the last guy he touches him to let him know it’s his turn. He stops does five Burpee‘s jumps up and repeats. We did this for approximately 3/4 of a mile until we made it back to the flag.  During the last 200 m we had a jailbreak.

We had time, approximately two minutes, for MARY. 50 flutter kicks. 50 hello dollies.


Prayers for seahorse and nomad as they had surgical procedures. Prayers for ball bearings mother-in-law.

Sign up for the miracle mile to either Ron or volunteer March 17.

Saint patties day is the low tide Run. Donut is organizing a team for the 5K. See him for more information.

All throughout the workout we gave nuggets of information on how to better run the workout. Start on time. Wear a watch. Start on time. Leave no Man behind. Somebody always pick up the six. You can always grab someone from the workout to help you. If you screw up don’t worry about it. Will make for you but that’s part of it. We will also help you.

Have fun.

Always give the disclaimer at the beginning of the work out it should basically sound like this; this is a free, volunteer, Peer led work out. I am not a professional. I also have no knowledge of any injuries or fitness considerations. It is Each person‘s responsibility to be safe and modify the exercises if you need to. We all do it, most important thing is that you don’t get hurt.


RX  what’s really working hard today. He was running so hard he had to stop and I believe he splashed Merlot.

Chicken noodle continually get stronger.

Tiny tank is always full of good information.

Counting it’s not that hard. Take your time it goes in order.

Tea party and the Mountie relatively new guys but clearly super motivated. Great to have you in the gloom this morning. I hope you found this helpful. Looking forward to your virgin Q.

Thank you for letting me lead.


EPO out


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