Rain, rain you went away!


PAX: Chop Shop, Snail Mail, Venus, Bob the Builder, Coffee Bean, Etch-a-sketch, Spin Doctor, Tenenbaum, Dino

AO: Monster Factory/Stingray (Ogden Park)

QIC: Quatro


  • Little man SSH’s 20X IC (in honor of YHC-SSH’s in squat position)
  • Nancy Kerrigan’s 10X IC, both legs (in honor of the 2018 Winter Olympics)
  • Pickle pumpers 15X IC
  • Reverse pickle pumpers 15X IC (passersby would have surely been entertained by this scene!)


  • Mosey to coupon pile across from skate park. Each PAX pick up 2 small-medium coupons that will be in tow for 90% of the workout.


  • Run to the baseball fields parking lot w/ coupons in tow. Stop at every street light, drop coupons and do 5 burpees.


  • Circle up at start of parking lot for instruction. Backwards run to start of big sidewalk leading to concession stand. Pom Pom lunges up sidewalk to bike rack (elbow-to-ankle lunges named for my brother-in-law, Pom Pom, in F3 Jacksonville, FL).


  • Circle up for instruction. All OYO w/ coupons in tow: 200 bench presses laying on the ground, run to storage buildings behind concession stand and back. 200 curls, run to storage buildings behind concession stand and back. 200 LBC’s run to storage buildings behind concession stand and back. 100 Dugout Dips (in the dugout w/ hands on bench and feet stretched across to front wall, coupons in lap), run to storage buildings behind concession stand and back. Mary for the 6.


  • Run back to coupon pile and relieve ourselves of coupons (2+ miles of total running w/ coupons).


  • Mosey to playground for Tabata (Tabata Pro app for iPhone). 25 sec’s AMRAP, 15 sec’s rest of the following four (4) exercises: 1. Step-up mountain climbers (using park bench). 2. Decline merkins (using park bench). 3. Knee-to-elbow jump ups. 4. Low plank. We completed two cycles of this leading up to 6:15 AM on the dot. Mosey to AO for COT.



  • Counterama and Name-o-rama.
  • YHC read from 1st Timothy 4:8 where the Apostle Paul says that “bodily discipline profits little but godly discipline has profit for everything.” Challenged PAX to give the same attention to the health of our souls as we do our bodies. “Seek first the kingdom of God and everything else will be added…” Matthew 6:33.
  • BTB encouraged PAX to sign up for the Fort Fisher Ruck on March 3rd.
  • Etch-a-sketch is in the running to win a logo competition for a new shoe. The winner’s logo will be used on a brand-new shoe. He needs the PAX to vote for his logo via the link he will share on Slack.
  • YHC challenged the PAX to sign up for an event, any event. We all need something to work towards, train for, to help us push ourselves beyond our conceived limits.
  • The PAX knelt in a man-ball and YHC closed in prayer.

T-claps to all who shrugged the threat of rain and evacuated the fartsack.

My life has changed because of F3. I’m grateful to God for it.

It was an honor and a blessing to lead you great men this morning.

Quatro out!










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