OGs say What rain?

Heavy Metal Monday
Date: 2-12-18
Where: HMP

Pax: Balthazar, Brady, Dept Dawg, Dixie Chic Mr Kotter, Milton, Morpheus, Mr. T, Pony Express, Snickers, Tiny Dancer, Tom Sawyer, and Trump.

Gloom was a great description of the morning workout. YHC pulled up and saw one lonely pax getting in his extra credit. Tclaps on the early morning Ruck Snickers. The rain was mild so we did the warmup in the open.


SSH IC x30
Imperial Walkers IC x 20
Morrocan nightclubs IC x 50

Tha Thang- Everyone who doesn’t have their own KB grab one from the back of the truck, then let’s meet under the shelter near the playground.

Thang 1under the shelter-
Crunchy frog IC x 20
Dips IC x 20
Incline merkins IC x 20
Decline merkins IC x 10
Rinse and repeat.

Thang 2- DORA 1234 (a partner cumulative routine)
100 step ups with KB
200 upright rows with KB
300 squats with KB
400 KB swings

For break, partner B runs to base of hill near the pond for 5 burpees in the grass and mud. Continue to flapjacking until finished.

Apparently this was Saturday routine because most pax did not finish. Bell rang.

CoT- 14 pax joined Ballbearing yesterday for his MIL’s memorial service. Sign up for the Miracle Mile 5k Feb 24. Join Hoverround’s Convergence Q on Feb 17. Continue to give it away. Q-school this Friday at HMP. Be there.

Looks like the OGs take the rain or shine trophy yet again. The Stinkrays and the Buzzards couldn’t hang with a little precip. Maybe next time. Dep Dawg, we all loved when you joined the party. Your count alone brings the energy level up. Tclaps to everyone for starting the week the hardest and the best way. #Ironsharpensiron.

Thanks for the opportunity to lead. Always an honor and a pleasure.

LETC – out


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