The British Invasion 2/9/18

Original Gorillaz in action

QIC- Niles

Pax – Mayhem, Blade , Tom Sawyer, Mr. Kotter, Mr T , Pony Express, Dixie Chick, wreck it Ralph, Mine Craft, SurfnTurf, Busted Grill, Flounder, Gobo, Ugly Stik, Hahvahd , Snickers, Brady , LETC, Deputy Dawg

EC Ruck – Blade , Brady , Snickers , Deputy Dawg, Niles

YHC posed a question of the Pax – what happened in America 54 years ago on February 9, 1964. Here’s the answer ( which Wreck it Ralph guessed correct)

In honor of the 54th anniversary, YHC provided a Fab 4 soundtrack for a Fab Friday British Invasion.

Good morning, Good Morning, YHC proclaimed, we have Come Together for a Magical Mystery Tour around Hugh McRae Park. With a Little Help From my Friends , We can work it out Getting better all the Time, . So if you want it , Come and Get It.

We started with a Pied Piper run to the pull-up bars . YHC played a boom box , until he got some Help from Ugly Stik to Carry that Weight.

9 burpees at each of the speed bumps on the way to the bars ( x 6 bumps =54 ) , bear crawl across the bridge and proceed with the sorting . Pax born before Feb 9, 1964, partnering with a pax born after.

The thang :

Partner A does

B= box jumps 14

R= reverse dips 14

I= incline merkins 13

T=twisting v-ups 13

54 reps , rinse and repeat while partner B runs to the pull-up bars to do

5 standard pull-ups and then 4 reverse grip pull-ups, runs back , lunge walking across the bridge before the Flapjack.

3 rounds then Broga . Time for a steamy pic.

Head back to the flags , Pied Piper style with 20 Merkins at the speed bumps.

Happy Birthday to Tiny Dancer in absentia- for the grand finale – 100 m and 50 m sprints.


Prayers for Busted Grill’s M having knee surgery, those doing GoRuck Events this month , Blade and pax helping out with Miracles in Motion 5k, Snickers resurrecting the Leland AO.

When I’m 64 , I hope that I Feel Fine like I did today leading a fine group of HIM.

The End.

PS astute readers will note the 13 song Beatles soundtrack embedded in the backblast.

Aye – Niles out.



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