Whistle While You Work?

QIC: Busted Grill

The PAX: LETC, Chop Shop, Last, Gobo, Wreck it Ralph, Hoveround, Sparky, Minecraft, Dino, Sir-Mix-A-Lot, Tea Party, Merit Badge (FNG Aaron Masnowski sp.? 15yrs. Tea Party’s 2.0), Rx, Bam Bam, Crosswalk, Tiny Tank, 8 Penny, Moab, Dixie Chick, Niles, The Mountie, Tiny Dancer

Warm up: Cross country ski 20 IC, windmill 20 IC

The Thang: Mosey to the basketball courts with help for the 2 55lb. coupons that get very lonely in a corner of my garage. 23 station circle mostly avoiding the mud around the play stations, swings, jungle gym, etc. The 23 stations covered most of our usual exercises except burpees (I’m the QIC so deal with it) with the additions of 55lb barbell curls, 55lb barbell overhead presses or standing lifts to chin, wooly worms on the swings and one legged squats. 30 second exercise with 10 second break to rotate to next station. 2 revolutions were completed with more cancelled due to QIC whistle fatigue. Avoiding bringing the M’s blue tooth speaker to protect it from the rain proved costly to the QIC’s stamina and dry mouth. Whistles may be a way to slow down the F3 rabbits, blowing one a few times a minute is fun for about 10 minutes then it is exhausting physically and mentally. There was some bunching up at some stations. I’ll have to review the tape to figure out how that happened. Mosey to the A benches for dips 30 IC, incline merkins 20 IC, decline merkins 10 IC, and step ups 20 IC. Mosey around the school back to circle up in the parking lot. Still time left so I turned Mary over to Gobo since he had been begging for pickle pumpers. He led pickle pumpers, heels to heaven, hello dolly and american hammer and maybe one other I can’t remember. I don’t know if it was the whistle or that I didn’t work out much last week, but thanks Gobo, after 50 minutes I was DONE.

Counterama, Namerama, Welcome FNG Merit Badge

COT: Announcements and prayers: Ballbearing’s mother in laws funeral tomorrow, details in mumblechatter, Gobo, Last and ?’s ruck next week, Seahorse’s recovery, Hoveround’s wedding next Saturday, my M’s knee surgery on the 22nd. Also prayers for the PAX, 1st responders, military. our leaders, etc.

Strong work by all, even in the midst of some chaos, mud and wet signs. I was too lazy to go get some glossy heavier paper. Thanks for the privilege and honor of leading you.  BG



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