Operation Elevation


AO : Run Forest Run / Ruck Forest Ruck / UNCW

QIC: Blade

# of PAX: 4

PAX: Gravity, Heisenberg, Gobo

Warm Up with runners c/o Morpheus (YHC & Trump were a little late as we mis-judged time during our EC ruck)

The Thang

Head up Price to the parking structure

Up ramps to the top – down stairs

Up opposite stairs – down opposite stairs

Rinse & Repeat (ended up going up & down each stair set once – 4 sets)

Back down ramps from top

Head back toward flag via Chancellor’s Walk / past Amphitheater

Ended up covering ~ 2.5 miles


Thanks to Morpheus for taking Q for the runners (#1 of his 2 UNCW Q’s for February)!

I say it every time, but ruckership is real. The best 2nd F seems to happen while we’re rucking!

Strong work by Heisenberg’s 2.0 getting into the regional science fair!

Sorry for the late BB, thought about getting it up on Tuesday when I was occupied & then forgot again!


Thanks for the opportunity to lead!

Until next time…





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