Cool Runnings II


14 PAX made their presence known for the hard launch of Cool Runnings at HMP. Great group and everybody pushed each other. It is awesome seeing these men get stronger with the help of each other!

Q: Flounder

PAX: LETC, Zuckerberg, Trump, BTB, Quatro, Tank, Johnny Gage, Tenenbaum, Pony Express, EPO, Tiny Tank, Ugly Stick, Sir Mix-A-Lot

Warm Up: 25 X SSH, 15 x Cotton Pickers, 2-3 minutes of stretches.

The Thang: Of course, being the premise of this AO is running, that was the focus. However, I wanted to mix in a good leg stretcher with 2-3 miles, sprints and explosive exercises. I have never jogged around HMP, so the run was a bit experimental for me. We started by running the outer loop of HMP, which happens to be about 1.5 miles. Pretty quick pace by all but definitely not far enough so we ran the same distance one more time. With 3 miles behind us, it was time for some sprints using the lamp posts for measurement. Mozy to the first lamp post then sprint to the 3rd. Once the sprint is complete, we knocked out some explosive exercises:

1st sprint – 15 Bobby Hurley’s
2nd sprint – 15 squat jumps
3rd sprint – 15 tuck jumps
4th sprint – 60 seconds of plank-merkins; hold high plank for 10 seconds then 3 merkins.

Timing was not perfect today, so we finished up the last 8 minutes with more sprints at longer distances. 3 of those around 200-300 yards.

Mozy to AO as there was quite a bit of heavy breathing and the Q was spent!

COT/Moleskin: I have to say, I really enjoy this new AO. This was the hard launch today and I was honored to lead it. It was an awesome group of men who really pushed each other and are sincere in making their fellow PAX stronger and better. Anytime you have a running group that includes “rabbits” like BTB, Zuck, Sir Mix, Ugly and long distance studs like EPO there is no way you will not improve. Personally, I have seen Tank and T-Baum step up their game in a big way. I heard Sir Mix pushing Quatro and Trump pushing and Gage pulling. Of course, Pony Express is living up to his name getting faster and faster. It was a fun morning!

Hoveround has a wedding next weekend and there is an open invitation to all PAX.
Let’s make sure he regrets that decision! This Sunday is the service for BB’s mother-in-law. Prayers to Seahorse and BB’s family. Remember to be humble, kind and make it a better day for somebody who needs it today!

Flounder Out!




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