53 Shades of Grey(hair)

DATE: 2/8/2018

AO: Battleship

QIC: Tiny Dancer

PAX: Snickers, Heisenberg, Parrothead, Mr. Kotter, Hoveround, Last, Captain Ahab, Wojo(F3 Greensboro), Niles, Fire Marshall Bill, Sparky,

11 PAX joined me this morning as I begin my 54th trip around the sun. What better way to start your birthday than with burpees and Merkins.


SSH X 53
Imperial Walker X 30
Mountain Climbers X 25


3 PAX(Snickers, Parrothead, Heisenberg) went off on their own for a Ruck workout. The rest of us then Indian run to the parking deck.

Paula Abdul(two steps forward one step back) – I know I am dating myself but I am old AF.
Start at stairs and run up 2 levels, stop for 7 burpees, then down 1 level for seven burpees, then up 2 more for seven more burpees, down one 7 more burpees…you get the idea. YHC miscalculated the number of levels so the last was down one and up one with 11 burpees at top for a total of, you guessed it 53 burpees.

Fifties -a variation on 11’s but adds up to 50 instead of 11.
Exercises are Merkins and squats. Begin at one end of the deck and run to the other and do 40 Merkins run back for 10 squats. Continue in increments of 5- 35;15, 30;20, 25;25, 20;30, 15;35, 10;40. Mary until the 6 is finished.

Balls to the wall suicides
Partner up and one partner holds balls to the wall while the other runs a suicide across the parking deck. Flapjack

Indian run down the parking deck back to the flags

Flutter kick X 53
American Hammer X 20


Prayers for Captain Ahab’s friend as he recovers from a stroke.

Thank you for all the birthday wishes and the Happy Birthday serenade led by Hoveround
I am grateful for the F3 brotherhood that has motivated me and kept me feeling young for the past 3 1/2 years. I appreciate every day that I am able to continue to make myself better with these HIM.

Thank you for allowing me to lead today.

Tiny Dancer out



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