TT Southend Take 2

QIC: The Ratt
PAX: Tenebaum, BTB, Zuckerberg
Date: 2-6-18
AO: Turbo Tuesday @ WB

First off, just want to say we didnt run as far as we usually do, but for the approx 4 miles we had a sub 7’30 pace, with one mile smoking at close to a sub 7. WOW PAX!

Warmup: Apparently it’s been while, as I had some trouble calling out the exercises.

SSH x 50IC
Hill billies x25IC
Cotton Pickers x25IC

The Thang: Run fast as hell down to the South End of WB. Then DORA 1-2-3. Merkins, Mountain Climbers and Squats. Run back to the flag.

Stats: 3.82miles just running, 4.82miles total with DORA.

  • Avg Pace – 7’18 per Mile
  • Splits
    • Mile 1 – 7’18
    • Mile 2 – 7’02
    • Mile 3 – 7’18
    • Mile 4 – 7’45

Moleskin: Great work and glad to see T-Balls out there, everyone was cooking. Zuck was flying and I’m pretty sure he was sleeping while running. I may have got 4 words out of him prior to coffee. T-Balls, you are getting fast brother! BTB, ran across this picture today….no words. You should post in this outfit more often.

❤ the Ratt



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