Just a little GLUE!!!!



QIC: Snickers

# of PAX: 19

Pax: Surf and Turf, Homer, Tiny Dancer, Morpheus, Hahvahd, Heisenberg, Trump, Olaf, Niles, Pony Express, Busted Grill, Gravity, Tom Sawyer, Wreck it Ralph, Mr. T, FireMarshallBill, Mayhem, Milton, and YHC

Warmorama: SSH ICx25, 4 Burpees OYO, Cotton Pickers IC x15, 4 Burpees OYO, Imperial walkers IC x 15, 4 Burpees OYO

The Thang:

19 PAX were asked to Partnered with someone they didn’t know that well. These partners would stay together for the remainder of the workout. Their task was to find out their partners Hospital name, F3 name, age, and at least one other fact. All PAX’s would be required to do the Name-o-rama for their partner at the end of the workout. If they missed any of the three components they would have to do 10 Burpees for each error:)

After this all Partnered PAX moseyed to the pull up bars. At the pull up bars the instructions given out. Complete as many rounds with your partner as you can in the allotted time. Each round consisted of 10 Partner push ups, At the pull up bars the Partners would complete 5 pull ups and 10 Burpees then mosey to the goose poop bridge were the Partners would Lunge across. On the other side of the bridge the  partners would complete 15 Box Jumps and 20 dips on the block wall. After this the  partners would run across to the left steps. At the top the Partners would complete 25 Squats and 30 Imperial Walkers then run back the pull up bars. Round one complete!! Rinse and repeat as many times in the allotted time.

When we ran out of time the PAX Partners moseyed back to the AO.

Back at the AO all PAX successfully introduced their partner in the Name-O-Rama. With EC homework to reach out to their Partner during the week to check in. F-2 is the glue of F3 so this wasn’t just a workout. It was the glue application part of F3!!! It was awesome to hear all our PAX during the workout getting to know each other better. You may not know it but we all need other HIM (High Impact Men) in our lives. It is not a weakness to need people it is our strength. Our creator exists in a community called the Trinity and he created us in His imagine. It is hardwired into us men. Don’t fight it by just using F3 for the workout. Your future best friends are here!!!


COT: Praise for Gravity, and prayers for BG’s wife for her up coming knee surgery.

Announcement: HMP Q school February 16th.

Strong work Everyone. Was a honor and privilege to Q the workout today. So grateful for F3 and the men that make it what it is.

Snickers OUT



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