The biggest Weinkie ever!!

Where  Screaming Eagle, Veterans Park

When  2/5/2018


Pax  Tiny Tank, 8-Penny, Nomad, R-X,  & Mountie


Six men posted at the screaming Eagle AO, veterans Park. The wind was blowing but the temperature was acceptable. Todays workout would test everyones ability to recover from Super Bowl parties. There were a lot of regulars missing from the workout today. It’s their loss.  Could it be that they partied too hard during the Super Bowl last night?

The Thang

I really wanted to concentrate on doing good form, strict reps, and quality work. I feel like sometimes we get caught up in seeing who can be the fastest to get exercises done. So today we will focus on quality over quantity.

The workout was set up to do rounds of exercise with intermittent sprints around a circular area. I was hoping the area will be approximately 400 m. It GPS’d out at .31 of a mile. Slightly longer but even better.

We started out by running one lap. We followed that with 50 deep knee squats. We then ran another lap. Repeat 50 deep knee squats.

Next was two rounds of 100 side straddle hops and 100 mountain climbers, four count. You guessed it run a lap. Upon return repeat 100 side straddle hops and 100 mountain climbers sprint another lap.

Next would be 21-15-9. We would do 21 repetitions of lunges, LBCs, then Burpees. Then we would do 15 repetitions of each. And finally nine repetitions of the same three exercises and you guessed it, sprint another lap.

Next was two rounds 50 flutter kicks 50 LBC’s then a sprint, rinse and repeat.

Plank when finished.


Tiny tank has the run day Q.
YHC has Q school on Friday at Veterans Park.
Low tide run in March 5K and 10K distance.
Doughnut has set up a team for F3. See him for more details.
Always start and finish the work out on time.


We applied serious head locks to Mountie this morning to get him to show for the run  work out tomorrow. He says he’s in. Let’s see if he shows.

You can’t help but be motivated when you see RX show up day in and day out putting in the work. He is a true inspiration. And he has his VQ at the end of the month. You better show up and support him.

Tiny tank was true to his word he didn’t really talk today.

Nomad was actually pushing his pace today. Clearly he’s getting stronger on the run.

Thanks to 8-penny for bringing out the easel so I can have the biggest Weinkie ever.

Thanks for letting me lead.


EPO out



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