Cool Runnings Off to Hot Start!

Date – 2/1/2018
AO – Cool Runnings launch, HMP
QIC – Hoff
# of PAX – Tenenbaum, Belly Flop, Ugly Stik, Sir Mix, Quatro, Flounder, LETC, Mayhem, Niles, Pony Express, EPO

The inaugural soft launch of Cool Runnings, F3CapeFear’s newest AO, was HOT! 11 veteran and novice runners gathered in the gloom in support of yet another run-dedicated workout.

Considering how much time is usually spent at HMP, YHC figured we’d take the AO’s first-ever run off property. (With Hoff navigating, this could be dangerous.) Road guards, DEPLOY!


Short yoga warm-up at HMP, including up and downward dog, Warrior 1, 2 and 3. Then head the Pax over to the Port City’s UNC system affiliate and home of the screaming Seahawk (?), UNCW. On the mosey over, new runners got to experience some of F3CapeFear’s most skilled and experienced runners, and hear their stories of various running forays. The destination was the UNCW track. Once here, YHC paired the Pax up and directed one man in the pair to complete 1X400, while the other man planked. The objective was to see how many 400s could be accomplished in 15 mins. The average number completed was 4. Circle up, fall in behind Quatro and head back to the AO Indian-Run style. Finish where we began: up and downward dog, Warrior 1, 2 and 3.


Prayers for sick and infirm
Prayers for military men and women, EMS and law enforcement
Reminder: Wear reflective belt and headlamp to this AO
Tenenbaum read passage from Freed to Lead


“Hey, you, I don’t know you, who’re you?” Thanks for playing, Pony Express!

Quatro is in da HOUSE!

Thanks for confiding, Belly Flop #humbled

Don’t try to spell, EPO, just run …

Niles = Tandoori Express

Hot Pink tights brought to you by Sir Mix



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