Silver Fox – 3 FEB 2018

Date: 03FEB2018

QIC: Minecraft

# Pax – 12

Pax – Tom Sawyer, Wreck-it-Ralph, LETC, Niles, Hovaround, Bob-the-Builder, RX, Sparky, Mr. T, Cracker and Trump

10 Pax posted for a chilly Siver Fox beat down.  Trump and Cracker ended a 12 mile run and joined the Pax just in time for Mary.

Warm-o-Rama – side straddle hop x 25 IC, wind mill x 20 IC and hill billy x 20 IC.  Mosey to Dillards entrance at the mall.

  1.  Lunge walk across Dillards end of building, mosey to east parking lot between Dillards and Sears.
  2. Run to light poles 7, 6 and 5.  Perform 10 merkins at each light pole.  Return to start stopping at each light pole and performing 10 merkins.  Repeat with squats.  Repeat with WWII situps.  Mosey to automotive center entrance of Sears.
  3. Pax lines up against wall for wall of fire.  Pax holds balls to the mall while each Pax counts to ten.  Repeat with emporer’s chair.  mosey to entrance to Belk’s.
  4. Burpee Dan (4 lunges and then one burpee) across Belks end of building.  Mosey to entrance to JC Penny’s.
  5. Ladder – plank jacks x 20 run to corner of building and back, repeat and add wall taps x 20, repeat and add carolina dry docks x 20 repeat and add LBC x 20.  Mosey back to AO.
  6. Pax did Mary until the 6 and Q arrived.
  7. 10 minutes left!  Enough time for nickle and dime.  Perform 10 Bobby Hurleys, run to other end of parking lot, 10 Bobby Hurleys and run back to start.  Repeat five times.

Mary – flutter kicks x 20 IC.  BtB lead protractor for one minute.

Pray for Ball bearing’s family as they morn the loss of a family member.

Q’s quote pick on STRENGTH:

“There are two ways of exerting one’s strength: one is pushing down, the other is pulling up.” —Booker T. Washington  

YHC – Minecraft



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