Stingray soaking

11 Pax gathered for Groundhog Day, hoping for an early spring.  And for my 51st birthday Q. Warmed up with a 20 side straddle hops, much to the dismay of those hoping for 51. Then the Thang:

50 squats, broad jump across the lot, 50 mountain climbers, bear crawl across the lot, 50 split jacks, lunge walk across the lot, 50 calf raises and high knees across the lot.  (Cue the rain.)  Off to the bars for 50 reps each of dips, merkins, lat pulls and finish off with 10 sets of the following routine: 5 Mike Tysons, 5 Burpees, 5 pull-ups.   Finished up with some Mary including flutter kicks, crazy sit-ups that EOM invented, clock push-ups, etc.

Then Ruths and Reflection.  Got to see Zuckerberg in a suit (wow!) and hear Quattro’s testimony about the power of prayer and his fear of mice.  We’ll be reading The Circle Maker.

F3 has made my year and my birthday!



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