Run &…

DATE: 1/30/18

QIC: 8penny

PAX: TinyTank, SirMix, RX, Hoff, TeaParty, Short-Rib


Run toward the bridge and pick-up SirMix returning from some EC.  Continue over the bridge to Access Rd.


The Loop to consist of running down Access Rd, left under the bridge, around the back of Food Lion and back to Access Rd.

The Fun to include a quick stop each time under the bridge for:

  • Merkins x20
  • MountainClimbers x20
  • Carolina Dry Docks x10

The Challenge being to complete as many laps as you can

The Incentive to be Burpeesx10 for each PAX that is lapped by another PAX…everyone gets to do the burpees 🙂

Burpees x30 OYO

Form single column for Indian Run back to the AO


  • Shout-out to SirMix on the solo EC run!
  • Way to push your limits TeaParty, strong work!
  • RX – you have the drive of a warrior and its paying-off, keep it up!
  • Would like to find a PAX to take the lead on the Thursday evening EC run with F2 at Joe’s Oasis. It’s a great opportunity to provide an F1/F2 option one evening a week for the south-town area PAX
  • Grateful for everything being ok with EPO’s father-in-law

Great motivation by all, it was a pleasure to lead!




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