Skinny Legs and All

Date: 1/29/18

AO: Screaming Eagles

QIC: Trollystop

# of Pax: 7

Pax: Crosswalk, The Mountie, Stifler, Busted Grill, Tombstone, and FNG–Stifler’s Mudder

There’s nothing like a heavy leg day to boost testosterone and character. While the chicken sticks might hurt for a day or two afterwards, it’s that good kind of lactic acid hurt–a well-earned soreness that keeps you honest. This work out was designed to hit the entire lower half from the glutes to the feet.

When the day finally came around to unload this bit of torture, an aberrant doogie forced my hapless tardiness. I arrived to find the Pax side-straddle-hopping in a cold and rainy wind. We moseyed to a nearby picnic shelter.

Warm up:

Standing on our right legs (and fighting to never let the other touch the ground), we performed the following circuit on a single beat count for each arm:

  • 10 X Arm Curls
  • 10 x Overhead Presses
  • 5 x Touch the Ground on left side then raise hands over head on right side
  • 5 x Touch the Ground on right side then raise hands over head on left side
  • 10 x Touch the Ground in front then raise hands over head
  • 10 x Pump Fists simulating running in place

Repeated circuit on left leg.

The Thang:

We completed 2 rounds of the following circuit of 8 leg exercises and 1 core (for rest).

  • Squats (60 sec)
  • Bulgarian Split Squats (60 sec each leg)
  • Frog Jumps (60 sec)
  • Hamstring Raises (30 sec each leg)
  • High Knee Burpees (60 sec)
  • Duck Walk (60 sec)
  • Calf Raises (30 sec each leg)
  • Wall Sit (3 min–30 sec both legs, 30 sec right leg, 30 sec left leg, repeat)
  • Superman (30 sec) roll into Banana (30 sec)


  • Our FNG (Stifler’s brother!) needed a name. After several tries, BG mentioned that horses accomplished at running in the rain  were called mudders. It only made sense.
  • Prayers for Epo’s father in law.
  • Busted Grill took us out.

Thank you for letting me lead, gentlemen. It is an honor.

Peace, love, and get those chests to the ground,

Trollystop (Choo! Choo!)



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