Gravity’s Double Deuce

01/31/2018 – 0530
AO: Hugh MacRae Park #ogAO
# of PAX: 17
PAX: Gravity, Busted Grill, Minecraft, Milton, Tiny Dancer, Tom Sawyer, Capt. Ahab, Mr. Kotter, Deputy Dog, Pony Express, Wreck It Ralph, Last, Seahorse, Snickers, Blade, Flight Nurse, & Olaf
QIC: Gravity

Introduction, mission statement & disclaimer

Warm o Rama:
SSH IC x 20
Cotton Pickers IC x 20
Toy Soldiers IC x 15

The Thang: We start with one part of the Fitness Test for the upcoming Ruck Challenges – 2 minutes of AMRAP Merkins. Find the Army Fitness Calculator online and determine what work you need to focus on so you will be ready to Ruck-n-Roll. The Q encouraged the PAX to post their number on #mumblechatter today – no comment, not a requirement, just their number.

Once we recover, we confirm everybody knows where Goose Poop Island (“GPI”) is – Jailbreak.

GPI: Get a count to make sure everyone found their way.
Double Duece – 2 sets of 11s.
From GPI: 1 Dip, up the stairs for 10 prisoner squats -mosey to the pullup bars (1 pull up, 10 burpees), bear crawl the bridge, 2 dips, 9 prisoner squats, mosey to pullup bars, 2 pullups, 9 burpees, bear crawl the bridge, etc etc etc

We got about halfway through and time is running tight. Captain Ahab and Snickers led the PAX in mary until we had all 17. OYO Mosey to the Flag.

Prayers for Seahorse’s daughter as the family struggles with her digestive issues. 7-year olds shouldn’t have to suffer. Prayers for Seahorse and Tiny Dancer as they have a date with a blade – not the F3 member, but actual knee surgery. Prayers for Wreck It Ralph’s high school friend & their family dealing with death. Praise from several PAX, the Q is trying to recall everything but here is what I remember. Last prayed for and received a promotion, T-Claps brother. Seems like there was another praise, but I lost it. Maybe from Seahorse?

Announcements: Jesus & Jimbos this Friday, Surf n Turf’s testimony (this has been a great series orchestrated by Busted Grill) it is really moving and powerful.
Tough Ruckers tonight – we are expecting a guest from Greenville (F3 Bono), maybe more. We need a good showing.
Cool Runnings Soft Launch: Tomorrow (Thursday) at the ogAO 0530, led by the man, the myth, the legend, The Hoff.
Q Schools are coming to an AO near you. Just post, the Q will make sure you get an A++ just for showing up … plus a pleasant beat down.

OGAO shirt order has met its goal, 8 days left to pick one up for an EH – what a cool gift for an FNG when they post a second time – buy an extra and keep in your car. They make great Valentine’s Day gifts for yourself.

Moleskins: Thanks for letting me lead – lots of fun hearing the mumblechatter behind me complaining about the amount of running that “Gravity is making us do.” Thanks to Blade for ruining it for me saying we covered more than 2 miles – proves how stupid my workout was. Thanks to Tiny Dancer for recovering six. Thanks to Busted Grill for promising to finish the double deuce this Friday – it should be rewarding. Captain Ahab – great to SYITG. T-Claps to Snickers for the insane social media boom boom – not sure what that means, but it is intended to be good. Lots of discussion following the Ball of Man about prayer, MudGear orders and all around good sights and sounds. Strong work by all.

Thanks again for letting me lead – it is truly a great honor.

If you read this or not, someone is praying for you – Gravity out.


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