Heavy “Morning Wood” Monday


Heavy “Morning Wood” Monday #HMP #HMM

QIC: Snickers

Pax: 17 PAX::Gravity, 8-Penny, Trump, Seahorse, Uglystik, Sir-Mis-A-Lot, Mayhem, Brady, Balthazar, Pony Express, Flight Nurse, Tiny Dancer, Tom Sawyer, Chicken Noodle, Milton, Tiny Tank and YHC

Warmorama: SSH x25, Imperial/Hillbillies:) x25, Cotton Pickers x15,

The Thang: After a somewhat long and somewhat confusing explanation the Tabata workout began. All the PAX maned up and picked a kettlebell of their choice. Some chose wisely and others later regretted their choice;)

The Tabata workout included 7 movements each one including 8 sets. Each set had 20 seconds of work and 10 seconds of rest (never long enough!!!) Movement 1 was the Halo (taking the Kettlebell around your head). Movement 2 was the Goblet Squat, Movement 3 was the alternating bent over Row, Movement 4 was the Alternation Wood chop (similar to the kettlebell swing but going from the outside of the knee and upward across your body), Movement 5 Alternating Curl-to-press, Movement 6 American Hammer, and Movement 7 Double Arm Overhead Tricep Extension. In-between each movement was a 90 Second rest. At the beginning of the rest each PAX completed 8 Burpees OYO.

While the tabata workout was going on we started a F3 version of Duck, Duck, Goose. Uglystik started us off by going over to the biggest greenest piece of Hardwood I could find and taking the 8lb Maul and hitting it like a MAN 10 times. After this the PAX ran around the parking lot in the RAIN and returned their position. After each PAX finished whacking the wood the next PAX in the circle would take their turn. Each PAX got at least three round of whacking and running in before the time was up. Leaving no time for MARY.

COT Count off////Name-o-roma
Lots families were lifted up the morning for loss of loved ones, Include BallBearing, and Tombstone. Also we had a bold move by one of very own PAX who brought a personal struggle into the light. Asking all the other HIM to help hold him accountable. BEST PART OF THE DAY!!! This is just what F3 is all about!! Iron Sharpens Iron!!!


Again it an honor and privilege to be the Q today.

Snickers out!!!

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