Better Late than Never

Date: 1/26/18

Location: Stingray

QIC: Venus

# of Pax: 18

Pax: Ugly Stik, Dino, The Ratt, Zuckerberg, BTB, Blade, Sparky, Snickers, Etch a Sketch, Tennenbaum, EOM, Quatro, 8-Penny, Softwood (F3Comanche), Trump, Snail Mail, Spin Doctor

Well, this day was going to change my life forever!!!! I proposed to my girlfriend of FOREVER that night and I couldn’t be happier! I hadn’t been sleeping much the week before because excitement was all through my body. I was 1 minute late to the workout (TERRIBLE since I was the DARN Q). BTB started the guys in some SSH then moseyed to the next parking lot where PAX did 10 burpees for every year I have been with Ameron. It was actually 9 but one more to grow on! Thanks BTB!

Two lines to the the baseball fields, Carterico Indian Run style!

Once to the Quad each PAX will complete the following!

At the Quad do the exercise, run to the water pump house and do the corresponding number of SSH then run back. All Single Count. Looked like this:

100 LBCs RUN 100 SSH then Run back.

95 Squats RUN 95 SSH then Run back.

90 Jump Lunges RUN 90 SSH then Run back.

85 Merkins RUN 85 SSH then Run back.

80 Donkey Kicks RUN 80 SSH then Run back.

75 LBCs RUN 75 SSH then Run back.

70 Squats RUN 70 SSH then Run back.

65 Jump Lunges RUN 65 SSH then Run back.

60 Merkins RUN 60 SSH then Run back.

55 V-Ups RUN 55 SSH then Run back.

50 Burpees RUN 50 SSH then Run back.

WELLLLLL, I was a little overzealous this morning and only BTB, ZUCK, 8-Penny and Ugly finished the 50 Burpees. Most everyone else was right behind.

Strong work by all this morning.

We headed back to the COT and closed with 1 left leg lunge! (Practicing for the PROPOSAL)


Prayers to Ball Bearing’s family

Prayers to EOMs grandmother

On a more personal note. I am beyond thankful for F3. The bond that is shared between us men is something very special that words cannot describe. I feel secure even when it is uncomfortable. I feel safe even when I am supposed to feel vulnerable. And most importantly I feel honored to lead some amazing men who accept me for me.

I am so happy to have finally proposed to Ameron. She is my LOVE! I must admit though I was scared for a long time before I dropped on a knee. Scared of failure. Ive never failed at anything! I have watched my parents go through a terrible divorce when I was a child, and I have recently watched my dad go through a second divorce. So to me, marriage doesn’t look so great. However, I can feel the support and love from each one of y’all as you stand in my corner that I know everything will be ok. Each of y’all are #HIMs and I know that when life gets dark, each one of you will be there to help shine a light in front of me. When life gets heavy, each one of you will be there to make it a little lighter. For this I am thankful and I know that I will not stand alone in this journey of life here on earth. I am made a better man by each of you and my prayer is that I can be the best man I can possibly be for Ameron as we begin our new journey together as one.

Until next time…



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