Date – 1/23/2018
AO – Screaming Eagle
QIC – Hoff
PAX – Tiny Tank, RX, Hooch, Short Rib, Sir Mix, Tea Party


Mosey over Snow’s Cut Bridge over to pedestrian path behind Food Lion that eventually leads to the CBSP. Identify three utility poles along that pedestrian path. Between poles 1 and 2, 25% – 50% effort; between 2 and 3, upwards of 50% to 100% effort. At each end, a 30 sec. rest, then back the other way. Do it for 15 minutes. Indian Run led by RX up over the bridge back to the AO.


Validation to RX, who really hung in there and surprised himself. On the way back to the AO, he was on poin,t and as we were about three-quarters the way over the bridge, I encouraged him to hit it. He accelerated just like the intervals we’d just completed, proof that he was beginning to train his body that he could pick it up and turn it over at a faster rate. Nice work, RX!

Nice reflective PT belt, Tiny Tank – could you put any MORE of it around your person?

10-4 on the Ranger Panties, Short Rib – I like your style

Ugh, sorry that calf sprain got you down, brother – heal fast!

Prayers for all Pax



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