Want to Play a Game?

DATE – 1/25/18

AO – Battleship

# of PAX – 10

PAX – Busted Grill, Fatback, Hoveround, Parrothead, Trump, Capt. Ahab, Tombstone, Blade, Last

QIC – Mr. Kotter


Seal Claps  x24, IC

Hillbillies  x24, IC

Mosey to Heisenberg’s Court

Dips  x24, IC

Decline Merkins  x24, OYO

Incline Merkins  x24, OYO

Mosey north to undeveloped block on N. Front St. for the Thang.

The Thang

The undeveloped block is set up as a game board for Fitness Pursuit.  It features 2 places to land on each “side” of the board/block, plus 4 corner spaces.  Pax count off into 2 teams of 3 and one team of 4.  Each team carries a die with them to roll in order to determine how many spaces to move ahead.  Pax mosey from space to space around the board.

The spaces around the board:

V-ups  x15

Wide arm Merkins   x15

Mountain Climbers  x25

Jump Squats  x25

Crunchy Frogs  x15

Peter Parkers  x15

Freddie Mercuries  x25

Monkey Humpers  x25

The corner spaces:

Karaoke one block and back

Guest Q (lead all pax in exercise of choice x10)

Sprint uphill/Mosey back

Burpees in a Bag (each pax in team pulls a numbered tile out of the bag, add numbers together, divide by number of pax in team)

Two Caveats:

  1. Party Favors-  If you land on a space with Party Favors (50lb sand bags), complete the exercise for that space, roll die, and carry party favors to your new space on the board.
  2.  Birthday Present- If you land on a space with the Birthday Present, complete the exercise of that space x48, roll die, and drop the present off at the next side space (not a corner space) as you move to your new space on the board.


Hoveround is getting hitched 2/17/18.  See him for an invitation.

Miracles in Motion 5K is 2/24/18.  See Blade for details for this service oriented event.


Once directions were laid out, pax were quick to get playing.

YHC and his team didn’t land on Party Favors or the Birthday Present.  #whatkindalamepartyisthis

Positive comments were appreciated, so I’m keeping the signs for marking the spaces and corresponding exercises.

YHC was disappointed he wasn’t feeling too smoked at the end.  So….a new and improved version of Fitness Pursuit is already in the works.  Look for it at an AO near you!!!!  dice2

Thanks for coming out to play on my birthday!!!

Sorry for the delay getting this BB posted.







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