The Gross plus some…

Date -1/27/18

AO – Silver Fox

# of PAX – 13

PAX – The Mountie, Mindcraft (R), Tom Sawyer (R), Stiffler, Niles (R), Flight Nurse, Tombstone, Elmer Fud (R) (Michael Hobson-Raleigh), Moab (R), Tea Party, Mr. Miyagi (R), R-X

QIC – Sparky

Cotton Pickers X 20IC
Seal Claps X 20IC
Wind mill X 15 IC
Parking Lot Tracer – 2 teams/ 2 times thru

Modified Indian run (Starting at front lead PAX does 5 merkin as PAX Moseys by, then catch up as next PAX in line counts to 5, steps out and does 5 merkin until destination is reached, Basketball court the long way around)

The Gross – Do each exercise 12 reps. (After each exercise PAX runs the length of court and back, then do the next exercise)
– Burpee Squats
– American Hammer Merkin
– Lunges Sit-ups
– Man Maker Monkey Humpers
– V Ups Carolina Dry Docks
– Split Jacks Plank Jacks

Triple Check – Groups of 3 (Three times through)
P1 – Run 50 yards and back
P2 – People’s Chair
P3 – Plank
Switch –

Each PAX does 10 Squats each, then:
P1 – Wheelbarrow (Approx 20 yards) P2 – Wheelbarrow back (Modify – Bear Crawl)
P1 – Empty Wheelbarrow (Approx 20 yards) P2 – Empty Wheelbarrow back (Modify – Crabwalk)


4 Corners on the basketball court – 2 Times thru
Corner 1 – Burpees X 10
Corner 2 – Hello Dolly’s X 20
Corner 3 – Squats X30
Corner 4 – Alt Shoulder Taps X 40

Mosey to outdoor class room
Step-up and over bench – X 20 OYO

Prayers for our PAX in need
Men’s Oyster Roast 1/27 – CABC
The Mule – Raleigh, NC – March 10th

Strong work today by all PAX

Thanks for the opportunity to lead








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