Sorry, no sand today

17 Strong came to better themselves at the #BestAOInTheNAtion.

PAX: Bam Bam, GOBO, Glass Joe, Last, Heisenberg, EPO, Spin Doctor, Coffee Bean, Chop Shop, Wreck It, Busted Grillzzzzzz, Milton, Stryker, Dixie Chick, McFly, Tenenbaum

QIC: Dino


Run to Marine Max parking lot. 100 LBCs while waiting for the six. Hillbilliesx25. Run over the bridge to Edgewater Lane. Plank while waiting for the six. Circuit: Run up hill to specified turn around location. Perform 40 mountain climbers. Run back to start. Perform 10 Bobby Hurleys. Repeat with 30/20. Repeat with 20/30. Repeat with 10/40.

Partner up: One partner runs around median while second partner does called exercise (American Hammer). Ended this early because time was running out.

Run back to bridge, stopping at Fish House for some dips. Continue over bridge to Marine Max parking lot. We did endless suicides.

Single file line run back to WB Park. Backward sprints along each stretch of grass. Mosey to basketball courts.


-EPO is back at Baywatch after completing his rigorous training for the Southern Tour Ultra. Just ain’t the same without him. (hugs/kisses)

-Last was a minute late to the workout and that cost him, well, the entire workout. We caught back up at COT.

-Glass Joe came out of the gates on fire today. Based on the COT video, it looks like his glass is half empty now.

-Busted Grill and Wreck-It finally realized that Silver Fox is for people who feel older. These two are still young physically and mentally. (Well, the jury is out on BG) HA!

-Coffee Bean made the trip into town and pushed himself hard, despite a nagging achilles injury.

-Spin Doctor is cranking it out on those runs. I think he feels lighter.

-Bam Bam was silent, but deadly today. I’m not just talking about his flatulence.

-Dixie was keeping the banter going strong, despite being out of breath the entire time. 🙂

-GOBO/Tenenbaum/Chop Shop/McFly/Milton were getting it done.

-Stryker’s adrenaline wore off after the first circuit, but he managed to finish with style. The COT video might prove otherwise.


The weather was perfect and so was this group of men. Thanks for keeping me company out there. Hope you got your money’s worth.

‘Til next time,




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