Tough Ruckers by Twilight

01/24/2018 – Tough Ruckers

AO: Hugh McRae Park #ogAO

PAX: Milton, Busted Grill, Gobo, Tiny Tank, 8 Penny, Chowda (FIA), Seahorse, Okra (FIA), Last, & Gravity

QIC: Gravity

A few of the PAX came rolling in a little late, so our small group started doing squats after the disclaimer. We lined up and here is The Thang:

Single File line and Indian Ruck to Goose Poop Island.

5s, 10s, 15s & 20s Circuit:

On Goose Poop Island (with Ruck):

5 Burpees

10 Merkins

15 Squats

20 One-Legged Dips

Drop your Ruck, mosey up the stairs and around to the pullup bars

5 Pullups

10 Decline Merkins

15 Squats

20 One-Legged Squats

Rinse & Repeat (Tiny Tank wears his Ruck for the whole thing, then 8-Penny, Milton and Busted Grill all gave it a try)

Mary for the 6 – Complete a 3rd round with everybody wearing their Ruck for the entire circuit. Seahorse was way in front of the entire group.

Mary for the 6

Indian Ruck back to the AO.

Wind Sprints (We should call this MummbleChatter Sprints) – this is always fun and lots to be said. We ultimately stopped as a revolt began when we got past 6:45 pm and a truck wanted to get by after waiting for 4 rounds of runners.

COT: Lots of heavy breathing and laughs. Congrats to the FIA members that completed the GoRuck this past weekend. Strong work and everybody is proud of your accomplishment. Continued prayers for PAX who have family members in struggle – often the family is hurt by the pain. Prayers of thanks for continued growth of F3 & FIA. Prayers for first responders and military. Let those who see us do good deeds not see us, but God’s light shining through us.

Gravity out – thanks for letting me lead, lots of fun.



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