DATE: 1/24/18

QIC: 8-Penny / Sir Mix A lot

PAX: Trucks, Stiffler, Trolley Stop, Glass Joe, Crosswalk, Nomad, Trump, Tiny Tank, Crepe Face, Fire Marshal Bill, RX, Tea Party, Chicken Noodle, Tombstone.


 SSH x30 IC


Mosey to flame wall in front of Ashley

One Hundred:

  • All the PAX line up against the wall of Ashley High and find some real state
  • Everyone complete 40 Burpees OYO  and 4 Handstand pushups against the wall
  • Once completed Sprint across to the far sidewalk and Sprint back
  • Rinse and repeat descending Burpees and Handstand pushups 4,3,2,1
  • 30-Burpees 20-Burpees 10-Burpees until you reach 100 “get it”

Once completed you are not finished! We start as a team and we finish as a team!!

  • Any PAX that finish early find someone that is still knocking out their Burpees and help out.

Mosey to the Pavilion:


Split the PAX Into two teams “Team 1 and Team 2”. The teams start at the same corner but after the first exercise the Teams take off in opposite directions. Each team preforms exercises and one more at each of the four corners and ending up at the original starting point.  “Basically to make sure nobody or no team is sandbagging.”

  • Corner 1- 20 Bobby Hurley’s OYO
  • Corner 2- 20 BH and 20 Mike Tysons
  • Corner 3- 20 BH 20 MT 20 Parker Peters
  • Corner 4- 20 BH 20 MT 20PP and 20 V ups
  • Sprint back to the Starting point and first team to complete 20 burpees wins!

Strong work by everyone I have to say that the Parker Peters were deceivingly painful especially after the 100 Burpees.

Mosey back to the flags just in time for a little Marry-

  • Flutter Kicks x 30
  • Hello Dollies x 10


  • Chicken Noodle and Crosswalk were killing those Burpees!
  • Big thanks to Trump and FMB for showing their brothers to the South some love and posting, don’t be strangers
  • Shout out to 8-Penny and Trump for the EC Ruck!
  • Glass Joe- What can I say… You are always a welcome relief when the exercise gets a little dicey. Keep up that motivation brother because it’s contagious!
  • EC run opportunity for Thurs 6PM starting at Oasis Joe’s ending 6:45PM with some F2 to follow
  • Keep Nomads friend in our prayers and thoughts.
  • Quick recoveries for Hooch and Pumking

Always a pleasure!!

– SirMix & 8penny out!



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