Millenials at the Monster Factory

DATE: 1/24/18


# of PAX: 16

PAX: Snail Mail, EOM, Coffee Bean, Zuckerberg, Gobo, Tank, Chop Shop, Quelled, Sparky, Etch A Sketch, Flounder, Spin Doctor, LETC, Cuatro, Strings


  • SHH x 20 IC
  • Mountain Climbers x 20 IC


  • mosey over to the track for MILLENIALS!
    • 10 stations spread out around the track in 2 laps
    • between each station is a 100m sprint
    • at each station, we will complete 100 single count reps OYO of called exercise
    • when first person reaches 100, all PAX sprint to next station regardless of reps
      • Station 1: Seal Claps
      • Station 2: Moroccan Night Clubs
      • Station 3: Flutter Kicks
      • Station 4: squats
      • Station 5: Merkins
      • Station 6: V-Ups
      • Station 7: Monkey Humpers
      • Station 8: Alternating Shoulder Taps
      • Station 9: Pickle Pumpers
      • Station 10: burpees (EVERY PAX MUST COMPLETE ALL 100 BURPEES!)
  • mosey to the picnic shelter where Flounder led some Mary while some went back to help the SIX get to 100!
  • partner up for DORA 1-2-3
    • Partner 1 will run up and down the bleachers and back while Partner 2 does AMRAP of exercise. Flapjack until complete!
    • 100- wooly worms
    • 200- inverted mountain climbers
    • 300- LBC’s
  • mosey back to the flag!


  • Flounder – you know we are all impressed at your speed and endurance in the Pickle Pumpers!
  • Strings took over during Namearama and COT! Great Job! Keep it up! You’ll be leading us all in no time!
  • Quaalude may have splashed merlot after those 100 burpees but he never quit! Keep coming out! It doesn’t get easier, you only get stronger!
  • 100 burpees was no joke! But I felt accomplished when they were finished!!! I hope you all did too!
  • Prayers for Spin Doctor as he takes his flight physical today! Glad you are back at it with us!
  • Prayers for Dino’s neck and a quick recovery.

That’s it for today! It is a pleasure!

BTB – over and out!



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