10 Physical Skills



QIC: Blade

# of PAX: 18

PAX: Dixie Chick, Tiny Dancer, Hahvahd, Busted Grill, Wreck-it-Ralph, Snickers, Pony Express, Gravity, Mr. T, Flight Nurse, Last, Mayhem, Surf & Turf, Niles, Minecraft, Olaf, Forceps (South Wake)

2 pax (Gravity & Snickers) for EC ruck. YHC arrived late for EC & Surf & Turf arrived early for workout in order to drop off coupons.

Today’s Q was inspired by a post on The Art of Manliness. If you haven’t checked out the site or the podcast, you’re missing out. Here’s the link to the article that inspired today : https://www.artofmanliness.com/2017/05/15/10-physical-skills-every-man-master/

We’ll cover all 10 physical skills every man should master; Run, Crawl, Balance, Lift, Carry, Throw, Catch, Jump, Climb, Traverse.


Toy Soldier x15IC

Cotton Picker x15IC

The Thang

Mosey to the top of the loop around the pond (Goose Poop Island Side)

Skill: Crawl

Tunnel of Love : All pax hold high plank while 1 pax low crawls under

Mosey to wall by bridge

Skill: Balance

Squat x10 / Left Leg Squat x5 / Right Leg Squat x5 (OYO) – On top of the wall

Mosey across bridge to Pull-Up Bars

Skill: Lift (1 of 2 40# salt bags)

2 pax Thruster x5 around the circle – Mary called by remaining pax while waiting

Mosey to Basketball Court

Skill: Carry (2x cement blocks, 1 car tire, 2x salt bags)

3 pax carry down & back on court (pick your coupon)  – Mary called by remaining pax while waiting

Mosey across parking lot beside Baseball fieldhouse

Skills: Throw & Catch (12# Medicine Ball)

Pax form 2 lines facing eachother – throw/catch medicine ball down line & back x2

*on round 2, 1 line took 2 steps back* *BG gave TD a little head fake causing dropped pass & a 10 merkin penalty (performed by all pax)*

Mosey to Tennis Courts (around the back through the dark)

Skill: Jump

Jump Ups x10 OYO – On benches in / around courts

Mosey to Playground

Skills: Climb & Traverse

Climb up playground somewhere/somehow (use the climbing “wall” if wanted) up to the top & down 1 of 2 big slides (good fun, especially since one slide exits pretty fast – there may or may not be video of this somewhere)

Pull-Ups x10 OYO – used to replace Traverse (HMP does NOT have Monkey Bars)

Mosey back to flag right on time

COT / Moleskin

If you were counting we covered all 10 skills (with a little adaptation on the Traverse).

Strong work by everyone! YHC was slightly worried that we’d get off track somewhere, but we managed to avoid that.

Great to have Forceps in from South Wake!

Taco Tuesday – 1200 every other Tuesday @ Flaming Amy’s Burrito Barn. Come by for $1 tacos, 2nd F & 3rd F!

Miracles in Motion 5k – 02/24 @ Olsen Park. F3 Cape Fear is going all in, 0700 convergence, 0800 coffeteria, help set up for event, & participate in the event. See more info on slack.

WB Half Marathon – 03/17 @ WB. Cape Fear pax are running & Forceps said that South Wake has 30+ pax coming down. Get in touch with Cracker if you’re running it.

Lo-Tide Run – 03/17 @ CB. I know there are Screaming Eagle pax running it. If you’re interested get up with Donut & check slack for more info.

#Ruck-On – Join the channel on slack. It’s for all things ruck related. Snickers scored F3 Cape Fear a discount on Pathfinders ruck training ($20), and a couple of pax have already signed up for it. Check the channel for info.

Ash Wednesday – 02/14 @ HMP. Snickers will lead a quick Ash Wednesday devo immediately following COT. Stick around for it if you can. Maybe the other AO’s want to jump in & do the same? Volunteering Snickers on this, but get up with him if you have questions / need info.

This part is free, apply accordingly:

Gravity mentioned something after BOM that comes from Freed to Lead : “Maximum Effort”. I thought more about that later… We should all be giving maximum effort in all we do. It’s somewhat easy to give maximum effort when we’re in the gloom, we have guys pushing us along to help. But are we giving maximum effort in all the other areas of our lives? Are we pushing as hard as possible at home with the family, at work, in our faith? 1st F should be the catalyst moving us toward getting better at all we do. I know I need to focus on giving maximum effort in the places in my life aside from the gloom.

Thank you for the opportunity to lead, it truly is a gift!

Until next time…




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