The Grillet

QIC: Busted Grill

The PAX: Runners: Niles, Gobo, LETC, Quatro, Fat Back, Capt. Ahab, Trump, Hoveround, Pony Express, Sweater Vest. Ruckers: Gravity, Parrothead, Snickers, Chicken Noodle, Milton(really it was), and QIC Blade.

Warm up: None

The Thang: In an effort to create a Gauntlet type running goal, we will do the Grillet. Starting at 0530 run to the parking deck and see how many laps you can do before 0605. A lap is up the nearest stairs to the top then right and down the next stairs, right and up the stairs, then to the right and down, then right and back to the start. If you reach the start at 0605 or later, start Mary and continue until the 6 arrives. Before having any idea how hard this would be, I set the following levels: Beast-11, Warrior-9, Soldier-7, less than 7 A work in Progress. Fat back killed it and did 10. I declare him a Beast and have adjusted the levels to: Beast-10, Warrior-8, Soldier-6. I plan to do this again in a few months challenging the PAX to increase their laps. I’ll need a lot of motivation to do this again!

Mary: I think there were some monkey humpers by Gobo, then flutter kicks 20 IC done before return mosey, then 10 squats IC at the flag.

Namerama, Counterama, piecemeal as Ruckers apparently use some sort of special ruck clocks.

COT: Taco Tuesday, Toughruckers tomorrow. Prayers for PAX, FIA, our leaders and those who serve and protect us.

A privilege as always, glad I don’t have to write with my legs,  BG



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