11’s on the Bridge

DATE: 1/23/18


# of PAX: 5

PAX: Flounder, Gilligan, Tank, 8 Penny


  • run from the AO to the WB drawbridge
  • starting on the East side, do 1 Imperial Walker (4 count)
  • starting on the West side, do 10 Peter Parkers
  • continue back and forth until you are on 10 Imperial Walkers (4 count) and 1 Peter Parkers
    • then do 11 Imperial Walkers at the end because Flounder said so, so we do them!
  • run back to the AO plus an extra .05 miles to be sure we hit the 5 mile mark!


  • Strong push by all. The pace was fast this morning. And the bridge felt long! Damn you,  you little incline! I had our first mile to the bridge as sub 7 and then sub 8’s on the bridge including stopping for reps on either side!
  • 5 miles were covered, 3 of those miles on the bridge!
  • What a great temperature it was too! If you didn’t post, you are a fool!
  • Don’t be afraid of Turbo Tuesday! We wait for everyone and will force you to push yourself and reach speeds you didn’t know you had! All paces are welcome!
  • Cool Runnings will be launching on Thursday, 2/8 at HMP! This will be an additional run workout for all those who want more running and/or don’t want to drive downtown! Tenenbaum will be your Site Q and will be posting more info soon!

That’s it for me today! It was a pleasure!

BTB- over and out!


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