Tom Sawyer VQ

What:  F3Silverfox

Where: Alderman Elementary

when:  1/20/18

QIC- Tom Sawyer

Pax- Tiny Dancer
Lee White FNG-Sawtooth
Tin Man
Flight Nurse
Mr. Miyagi
Busted Grill
Hover round

Mission of F3:
Plant, Grow & Serve small workout groups for the invigoration of male community leadership.

Workouts are:
1) free of charge,
2) Open to men of all ages & fitness levels
3) Held outdoors — rain/shine, hot/cold.
4) Participants also volunteer to lead the workout in a rotating fashion, with no training or certification necessary.
Which means that I AM NOT A professional so move at your own peril & modify if you need to. Work out at the pace that is most comfortable for you

Warm Up:
Mosey to front lawn of Alderman for some warm ups…

25 Side straddle hops – IC
25 Cotton Pickers – IC
15 Mountain Climbers – IC
25 Hillbillies – IC
30 Sir Fazio Arm Circles – IC

The Thang: – partner up in Two’s

#1 – “Grapevine”
P1 karaoke down and then 10 wide-arm Merkins & then karaoke back the opposite way.
P2 little baby crunches while partner is going
Rinse & Repeat x 4

#2 – “Ships Passing”
P1 & P2 Face Each Other and do 10 partner wide-arm merkins
P1 & P2 Face Each Other and do 20 summu squats
P1 & P2 take off in opposite directions & pass each other on the back side and come back around to the front
Rinse & Repeat x 4 times

#3 – “Balls to the Wall” – Mosey to back side of building
Line up for balls to the wall for a 5 count, per pax………18 would be 90 seconds

#4 – “Flytrap Frolic” – Mosey to Venus Flytrap area for some individual work
Pax – 4 x 10 knee wall dips
Pax – 4 x 10 step ups
Pax – 4 x 10 merkins

#5 – “Blacktop Fun” – Burpee Suicides OYO – Spreadout
End Court to Freethrow line – 1 burpee & Back
End court to Halfcourt – 2 burpees & Back
End court to other Freethrow line – 3 burpees & Back
End court to end court – 5 burpees & back

Mosey back over to A for some Mary:

Busted Grill – one legged dips
Tiny Dancer – Mountain climber merkins
Hover round – step ups

Prayers, Praises & Announcements
Pray Out

– Tom Sawyer out



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