🦍 🦍 🦍 gorillaz push cars


QIC- Niles

Pax – seahorse, flight nurse, fire Marshall bill, Busted grill, snickers, parrothead, gravity, mr. t , pony express. Wreck it Ralph, last, Minecraft, Tom Sawyer, deputy dawg , gobo, surfnturf.


The Cars greatest hits

The inspiration for this Q came from a memorable work out from those prehistoric days when there was only one AO and in which the one and only Hoff flogged the Pax mercilessly while we pushed his beastly truck around the lake several times to exhaustion. In a strange twist of fate, the Hoffmobile was rendered dead by our exertions and poor Hoff spent the rest of his morning finding a jumpstart.

The soundtrack for the workout was chosen for obvious reasons – the Cars first two albums feature prominently in the soundtrack for my high school memories – and no BG , it was not the music from the Pixar movie of the same name . YHC was not Bluetooth challenged this week having tested the system at 4am. No alarm clock was ever better than the excitement of leading a group of motivated dudes in the subzero gloom.

Yhc gave the disclaimer , put the top down and the car in neutral and in teams of four we pushed the Nilesmobile to the circle around the lake doing merkins at each speedbump.

Each team then took turns pushing my ride around the lake for approximately a half rotation each. We made a total of four laps and at each lap a different exercise was called for each speedbump we encountered . Every time we passed the pullup bars we did chin-ups to failure.

Push and mosey back to the starting gate for some Mr. T led Mary . Then gorilla walk and bear crawl to the speedbump on the opposite side of the parking lot. Sprint back. Monkey Humpers and Lbc’s for the win.


Strong effort from all the primates- thanks for indulging my monkey business with minimal complaints .

If truth be told , Parrot Head did complain a little and did not reveal his trademark Blue Steel for the entire workout – except till snickers starting filming for social media.

But YHC also cannot lie – Not a big but but , he is just delighted to hear that he guiltshamed a certain modern day warrior into Rushing out his VQ tomorrow at Silver Fox #psyched

Seahorse was in full commando mode today – dude it’s gorillaz not guerillas.

Flight nurse – thanks for the shout out at JNJ I’m counting on you to VQ in February and looking forward to the trip #flightclub

BG I’m glad to see you are enjoying my musical stylings– or frankly, you’re just being polite .

Surf and turf – no we can’t invite women to the work out my dude . Or were you asking for the halibut.

Mr T , I pity the fool who thinks your upcoming VQ at the one and only OGAO is not gonna happen soon.

Announcements: sign up for something that challenges you this year. Plenty of ruck opportunities and training including 0300 tonight with BTB at WB park.

Prayers for Mayhem dealing with some family issues and pumking recovering from surgery.

Thanks to all who lead protect and serve. Thanks to the God that saved us from our sad clown selves and brought us together in the gloom.

Very thankful to each of you guys at F3 Cape Fear – you make me better.

Aye , Niles out.



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