Preblast: Ruck Training 1-20-18 Wrightsville Beach

Date: 1/20/2018

Hard Start: 0300 Hard Finish: 0650

AO: Wrightsville Beach Park next to the Tennis Courts (Same Parking as Baywatch)

QIC’s: Ugly Stik/Bob The Builder

Required Items:

    • Backpack (aka Rucksack): A GORUCK pack is recommended… either the Rucker or the GR1 is an excellent choice. We will have a few extra Rucksacks for those who would like to participate but do not have one yet.
    • Weight: Choose your weight and don’t forget it at home. Ruck Plates are great. Bricks also work and weigh roughly 5 lbs a piece.

You want the 20 LB if you are:

    • Over 150lbs. and signed up for a GORUCK Light
    • Under 150lbs. and signed up for a GORUCK Tough or Heavy

You want the 30 LB if you are:

    • Over 150lbs. and signed up for a GORUCK Tough or Heavy
    • Comfortable rucking 20 LB already


  • Water (2L+): Bring at least 2L of water. We recommend a hydration bladder because they’re durable, easy to refill, and fairly cheap.
  • Cab Fare: Bring $20 in cash. Put it in a plastic bag inside of a dry bag or a Pelican Case. (This is required for every Go Ruck event)
  • Headlamp: Also, bring extra batteries. If your event is at night it can be dangerous if you run out of light.
  • PT Belt/Reflective Band: Attach one of these to your pack and make sure it’s on there securely.
  • Photo ID: GORUCK has removed photo ID from their list of required gear but some cadre still ask for it. That means you should definitely 100% bring it.


  • Gloves: Bring gloves. You will be carrying logs, heavy weird-shaped stuff, and doing push ups in dirty places. You will want to protect your hands. Bring a second pair for use in the event your original pair fills up with sand/gravel or a teammate forgets to bring some.
  • Windbreaker: 99/100 times you’ll end up in the water during a GORUCK Tough event. If the temps outside are cold it can be nice to put on a windbreaker afterwards.
  • Dry Bag: A dry bag will keep all of your gear dry.
  • Pelican Case: Pelican cases are great for making sure your essentials (phone/keys) stay completely dry and safe.
  • Food: Your event will last 10 – 12 (or maybe more) hours (not for this training but for your event) and there’s a 95% chance you will not be stopping for food. Bring what you need to survive.
  • First Aid & Foot Care Kit: Something small… think for little cuts and blisters.

This training is intended to prepare you physically, and even more so, mentally for your upcoming event. Packing all this gear will prepare you, and give you an idea of your Rucksacks total weight (hint: you should be training with a minimum of this weight for your event). Thank you to All Day Ruck Off for providing a more comprehensive packing list from which I borrowed the above and made a few small modifications for this training! Don’t be intimidated, this is just a training session to get you prepared. We will be much nicer than your Cadre at your event 🙂

Bob The Builder will be Q’ing the world famous Baywatch AO from 0700-0800 (which will also be ruck friendly) directly following our ruck training.

If you have any questions feel free to reach out to YHC or Bob The Builder directly on Slack/Twitter/Text/Call/Etc.

Look forward to seeing everyone Saturday morning for some rucking fun! Aye!

Ugly Stik, out!


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