Escalator of Pain or Doom or whatever…

17 January 2018

QIC: Donut

Pax: Trolly Stop, RX, Glass Joe, Nomad, Goldylocks, The Mounty

On a coldish, yet beautiful morning, YHC and 6 other HIMs met at the Screaming Eagle flag for a beatdown in the gloom.  It has been some time since YHC has Q’d and the rust showed a bit.  Nevertheless, the pax were motivated and helpful with the organization.  It should be noted that 9 other ScreamingEagle pax traveled to HMP to retrieve the Ghost Flag and return it to its rightful owner.  Well done!

Warm-up: SSH x20, Hillbillies x20, Moroccan Night Club x20, Sun Gods x20, little tiny arm circles x20

The Thang:  YHC promised to keep everyone warm, so a quick Cartarico Death March was in order.  Slow mosey in a column, the last man falls out to do 10 merkins then sprints to the front of the column.  Let’s do a big circle around the parking lot and end up back at the flag….

The Main Event:  It’s time for the Escalator of Pain, or maybe Doom.  Either way.  Line up in two columns separated by two parking spaces.  Pax doing burpies will set the pace.  Everyone else performs their exercise (at least matching the number of prescribed burpies) until the burpies are complete and the pax runs to the back of the line and assumes the first station position.  Naturally, everyone moves up one station.

First station – Goblet squats (with weight); Second station – American Hammer; Third station- Crunchy Frogs; Last station – Burpies

The target number of burpies varied by round.  Round 1,2 = 15; Round 3,4 = 10; Round 5,6 = 5; Round 7 = 15.  We swapped up stations 2 and 3 with plank jacks and Peter Parkers about midway through to save our coccyx.  75 BURPIES PER PAX!!!!

Mary: The timing was almost perfect, but there was still time for flutter kicks x25.

Moleskin: YHC was motivated, but nervous.   It felt like the very first time.  Anyhoo, the pax stepped up and helped figure out the math problem given the odd number of pax.  Note that we want to put together an F3 team for the Lo Tide Run.  It is the weekend before St. Patrick’s day in CB.  Awesome fun.  Oyster roast at College Acres Baptist church on 27 January.  Check out mumble chatter for more details as reservations are requested.

COT:  Prayers for Pumking’s quick recovery from minor surgery; prayers for a friend with esophageal cancer; prayers for those needs known but unspoken; prayers for our teachers, medical professionals, first responders, and all of those that seek the truth.




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