QIC: Busted Grill

The PAX: Heisenberg, Morpheus, Seahorse, Etch-A-Sketch, Chicken Noodle, Hooch, Sir-Mix-A-Lot, Venus, Epo, Tiny Tank, Stiffler, Flight Nurse, Hahvahd, Pony Express, Ugli Stik, Mr. T, Surf-n-Turf, Gravity, EOM, Olaf, Minecraft, Deputy Dawg, BTB, Trump, 8 Penny, Quatro, Zuckerburg, Wreck-it-Ralph, Tiny Dancer, Blade, Short Rib, Snickers, Niles( oops scratch that no Niles)

Planning on about 16 or so PAX, what a great surprise to see 32. Lots of guests. Requested Gorillaz partner up with guests so they don’t get lost or hurt. The following account is certified to be approximately what went down.

Warm up: X-country skis 20 IC, Windmills 20 IC, Hit its about 6, ending with a burpee.

The Thang: Elbow lunge to 1st speed bump, 15 merkins IC, backwards to next speed bump, 15 wide arm merkins, karaoke facing right to next speed bump, 15 diamond merkins IC, karaoke facing left to intersection, 15 mike tysons IC, high knees to pull up bars, 15 spider merkins IC, butt kickers to bridge, bear crawl bridge, SSH’s for 6. Dips,15 IC, 15 incline merkins IC, 20 partner assisted sit ups each, 15 dips right leg up IC, 15 derkins IC, 15 stepups right leg IC, 20 leg throw downs each, 15 dips left leg up IC, 15 wide arm incline merkins IC, 15 wide arm decline merkins IC, 15 stepups left leg IC, 5 round abouts each way each partner, imperial walkers 20 IC. Mosey to pull up bars. Line up 4 Pax to a bar, do 6 pull ups, 6 chin ups, 6 shoulder to bar, 6 toes to bar, 6 knees to chest in rotating order. Seal claps for 6. Circle up for low plank, hold for each PAX 5 count. 2 lines for indian run back to flag.

Mary: flutter kicks 25 IC, heels to heaven 25 IC.

Countarama, namerama.

Our guests want the ghost flag: 7 stingrays, 7 screaming eagles. An attempt by the northerners to claim possession because they had the Nantaan was countered by the southern Weasel Shaker, forcing a burp-off between the 2 royals. Most in one minute, 31 tie. South claimed the flag as their paper covered the northern rock. Good sportsmanship demonstrated by both AO’s.

COT: 0300 ruck preceding Baywatch, Toughruckers 1800 today. Prayers for PAX and families, prayers of thankfulness, and prayers for leaders , 1st responders and military.

With all that muscle and gray matter, no PAX were able see BG’s goal of no repeated exercises or runs was accomplished.

Thanks for the privilege,   BG



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