Burning Bridges and Burning Toes

Date: 1/16/18

AO: TheBridge

# of PAX: 9

THE PAX: Hooch, Tiny Tank, Tea Party, EPO, Sir-Mix-A-Lot, 8-Penny, Rx, Short Rib

QIC: Chicken Noodle




Take off from under the Snow’s Cut Bridge, run up River Road and over the Bridge to Carolina Beach State Park.

Then make your way back. Once back over the Bridge, Interval Run together down River Road back to the flags.

Pax went between 3.5-5 miles depending on speed.




EC Run at 6:00pm Thursday, followed by F2 at Joe’s Oasis at 6:45. Meet in front of Joe’s Oasis for the run before

Prayers for Chicken Noodle’s grandfather

Shoutout to Rx and Tea Party for crushing their first day at TheBridge!


Always grateful to start my morning with you men and encouraged by your desire to become better husbands, fathers, sons, brothers, employees, neighbors, etc…




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