Q: the ratt
Date: 1-16-18
Pax: zuckerberg, gilligan, flounder, bob da builder, tank

The Thang: the staple summerest run was chosen for the pax this am. just to throw off tank for showing up late, we ran through lookout harbor which connects to the loop to the draw bridge. stop and do 10 burpees at each end of the bridge. then run down to port city chop house to the summerest trail. then back the same way we came with 20 more burpees.

lot of chatter about tight quads, lack of posts, zucks need for closer johns, and flounder’s very warm vacation to key west. half of the pax went to the workshop for some a necessary cup of joe and grub. love this group and can’t believe this ao doesn’t get more love. #dontbescarredofturbotuesday #getfast




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