Run Forest Ruck

Date: 1/16/2018


QIC: Tiny Dancer for the run; Blade for the Ruck

#PAX: 12

PAX: Hoveround, Fatback, Pony Express, Daggerboard, Mr. Kotter, Blade, Morpheus, Snickers, Gravity, Sweater Vest, Busted Grille

12 PAX came out on a frigid morning for a Ruck and/or run workout. After an EC Ruck Hoveround decided he was better suited in the run group…”Remind me never to do this again”


SSH X 30
Imperial Walker X 25
Cotton Picker X 15

After warmup the group split with 4 PAX led by Blade(back blast follows)on a Ruck adventure and 8 PAX headed out to run with YHC


Indian run to the track(with Hoveround feeling very light on his feet after shedding his Ruck weight)

Merkin mile
Run 4 laps at a moderate pace stopping after each lap to do 25 Merkins

Burpee mile
Run another 4 laps with 10 burpees after each lap

Mary until the 6 is finished

Cool down lap run it backwards cause backwards running sucks.

Indian run back to the flag


Hoveround(“I’m a runner not a Rucker”) is getting married in February
Ruck workout at 0300 Saturday finishing up at Baywatch
Great to see the clown car roll up with the boys from Brookwood- no excuses when Kotter comes by to pick you up.

Thanks for letting me lead guys, Blade’s BB to follow

Tiny Dancer

Back Blast (Ruck Forest Ruck):
# of Pax : 4
Pax: Snickers, Pony Express, Gravity
QIC: Blade

* EC ruck for 4 pax (YHC, Snickers, Hoveround, Morpheus). Hoveround, hope to see you out again to ruck with us. Morpheus, maybe next time we’ll have a bit more weight for that ruck. Although, those golf shoes sure did look heavy… *

Maiden voyage of Tuesday’s “choose your own adventure” or as Gravity aptly dubbed it, “Ruck Forest Ruck”. The goal for this ruck is to allow pax to get their feet wet rucking & offer an additional ruck workout for those who may be unable to make Tough Ruckers on Wednesday nights.
Today we started with just logging some miles (just over 2 miles). The goal will be to add more PT as we go, and even a few coupons to make it real fun…

Warm Up w/ the runners (c/o Tiny Dancer)

The Thang:
Made our way over to the parking structure via Price Dr, up the ramps to the top. Down the stair w/ rucks overhead.
Back around the long way via Reynolds Dr & onto Racine Dr by the water tower. Cut through past the amphitheater & back toward the flag. Had 3 mins to spare so we went up Riegel Rd a bit & circled back.

Mary (c/o Gravity)
Flutter Kicks x15 IC (w/ rucks overhead)

Thanks for humoring YHC and jumping on board. I’m new to the “ruck game” as are many of the pax, but it’s a good switch up and is sneaky good workout. You don’t think about it at the time, but you’ll feel it later. Plus, Ruckership is a real thing, great time for 2nd F!
There will be extra rucks available, just reach out & we should be able to take care of you!
Also, as Site Q, I gotta give a shout out to Tiny Dancer. Thanks for taking the Q for the runners, it certainly sounded like there was work done on the track!



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