Back in the Saddle again.

Where: Screaming Eagle, Veterans Park

When: 1/15/2018


PAX:  Hooch, Trolley Stop, Sir Mix A lot, Nomad, Rx, Glass Joe, Tombstone, and Hoff


Since I have been training for the 50k it has been a good 2 months since I have been to a regular workout. I have really been missing the fellowship and burpees. Wellllll, I am back. I was great to see 8 men standing in the cold breeze this morning waiting for the beatdown. Let’s get warm.


50 X SSH, 20 X Merkins, 20 X Squats

Mosey to the center pavilion

Pair up and pick 1 of the 4 sidewalks

Partner 1 runs to the end of the sidewalk while partner 2 does the prescribed exercise. When P1 returns flip flop.

Start with Burpees, of course.

Then Flutter kicks,

Then Merkins,

Then LBC’s,

Then Step ups,

Then Hello Dollys,

And Burpees again.

Line up in a single column. Time to Indian run. Go. We Cover about a mile.

Next is light pole lunges. Lunge from light pole to light pole. Small break in between.

Jail break back to the flag.


Prayers for all those that serve this great country.

Chicken Noodle has the Q for the Under the Bridge run workout Tuesday

R-X and Glass Joe have stepped and will have their VQ’s the first week of February.

Part of leadership is leading. Lead from the front not the shadows!!!


Hoff leaves early again, suggested new F3 name, Mr. Mom.

R-X was killing it today on the indian run. Way to keep up. You are going to love the tuesday workout.

Glass Joe, Hard as nails or just crazy??? No gloves for the workout, What???

Thanks for letting me lead.

EPO out





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