17 PAX posted at MonsterFactoryMonday to cheer on this ‘former’ VQ.


PAX: Ugly Stick, Bob The Builder, Hologram, Strings, Zuckerberg, 8-Penny, LETC, Busted Grill, Gobo, Etch-a-sketch, Sparky, Dino, Tenenbaum, Venus, Blade, Trump

QIC: Quatro


  • Windmills x10 IC
  • Nancy Kerrigan’s x10 IC, both legs
  • LBC’s x20 IC
  • Mt. climbers x20 IC


Mosey to tennis courts, huddle up on one end of the middle court for instruction. (3 courts enclosed in fence). Start with 20 Calf Raises, run around to the other side of the middle court, 10 V Up’s. Run around to same starting place at the middle court and repeat (2 laps). I instructed the PAX to repeat this sequence at ‘all three courts’. I should have said ‘all three court enclosures’. I learned that most PAX were not aware that there are three separate court enclosures containing three courts each (9 total courts). Assumption and poor communication by the QIC. In summary, we did a total of 6 laps of the aforementioned sequence.

Mosey to skate park parking lot. Huddle up around first island for instruction. I titled this section “Great Buns of Fire”. Elbow-to-Ankle Lunges to middle island, recover and walk the turn, Bear Crawl back to first island, recover and walk the turn. 3x/3 laps with Crawl Bear on last lap.

Mosey to coupon pile just across the walking/running path. Partner up. One partner grab two medium sized coupons. Bicep Curls x250, Butterflies x150, SSH pushing coupons straight up (exercise name ??) x150. While one partner performs said exercises the other runs across the street, jumps the fence surrounding the skate park, runs up the grass hill and around the skate pool (deepest pool) then back down the hill, back across the fence and to the coupon pile where partners switch. Here again the QIC failed to communicate clear instructions on exactly what pool to run around and to go back down the hill and back across the fence. The PAX figured it out pretty quick. My apologies men.

Mosey to the swing set area for the final workout, The Burpee Breakdown Tabata. The foundational exercise of F3 consists of four exercises: Merkins, Jump Backs (like Mt. Climbers but both feet together), Ground Touch Squats, Ground Touch Jumps. 25 sec’s of all-out, maximum exertion then 15 sec’s rest for each exercise. We did 4 cycles (exercises) in a period of three (3) Tabata’s (timed work and rest). The Tabata Pro App for iPhone kept us on task.


  • YHC is extremely grateful for all who posted for my VQ. Blessed me for sure.
  • Congrats to all PAX who participated in the Southern Tour Ultra! Incredible effort and show of support!
  • Trump hailed YHC the “Southern Ulta Tour Beer Q”. Next time I’ll work more than just my throwback muscles.
  • Continued prayers for Ball Bearing’s mother-in-law, wife and family.
  •  Ugly Stick and BTB mentioned some upcoming events: Goruck, etc. Sign up men!
  • YHC encouraged that we practice openness and transparency with each other so we can pray for and encourage each other in daily life.
  • YHC closed in prayer.

Strong work by all in the nippy gloom!

I’m glad my VQ is behind me. I’ll sleep well tonight no doubt.

I thank God for F3 and for all of you. I’m a Sad Clown no more.

It was and honor and blessing to lead you great men this morning.

Quatro out!






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