Northern Tour before the Southern Tour

9 Pax mustered up the courage to attend Stingray, when they could have chosen less challenging options.

PAX: Sparky, BTB, Coffee Bean, Snail Mail, Knuckle Puck, Quattro, Tenenbaum, Etch

QIC: Dino


Warm Up: SSHx103, Seal Clapx11, Cotton Pickerx96, Imp Walkersxbunch

Run along street and around the pond to the shelter: Crunchy frog, derkins, incline merkins, dolly, dips, derkins, incline merkins, dips with 1 leg up, flutter, dips with other leg up.

Run thru the river to the parking lot. Partner for the “corner circuit”: Partners run in opposite directions, stopping at each corner for called exercise. Round 1: Diamondsx10. Round 2: Squatsx10. Round 3: Jump Squatsx10.

Heels to heaven, pickle pumpers.



-It was like a cyclone at my house as I headed to the workout. Once I got to the #MonsterFacotry, the rain had stopped. That can only mean one thing, this AO is the “chosen one” 🙂

-Emphasis this morning was more on working out the core versus cardiovascular. With the race tomorrow morning, I wanted to get the muscles and lungs warmed up, but not overextend.

-BTB, of course, was leading the way.

-Great effort by everyone.

-Sparky led Ruths and Reflections where we dug deeper into the act of prayer.

‘Til Next Time,




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