The southern silver bay fox watch ultra convergence

1/ 13/18

QIC: Niles

Pax : Seahorse, Mr T , Ahab, tiny dancer , Mountie, mr miyagi, Moab, chop shop , tombstone, The adjuster , Minecraft, Tom Sawyer, rX.

A dirty dozen joined YHC for a southern Silverbay foxwatch Ultra convergence . Notified by tank via slack that this was happening, YHC decided to do some recon of the AO and found a veritable oasis just south of Alderman school – The backyard of Live Oak Bank. – Whoah! That’s some seriously nice real estate. And those cats have craft beer on tap right on their beautiful wooden deck.

The usual disclaimers were made and then YHC announced that in honor of our men running the southern ultra tour today, we would do our own southern tour – namely head south running and see where we ended up.

I had made a special playlist in honor of silver fox with three great songs involving foxes and more music that busted grill would detest – alas it was not to be – a Bluetooth fiasco prevented tuneage but have no fear this playlist will reappear. Despite being Bluetooth challenged, YHC pressed on and served as the proverbial rabbit for the silver bay foxes to follow on our own southern tour.

YHC brought along a set of exercise cards invented by Navy seal – Phil Black – whose pitch about them on shark tank was rejected. The cards were supposed to provide a degree of randomness to the work out – we picked four at a time while running and did the exercises named on them. It was an even half mile to the Live Oak Bank playground. We made a loop around their pond and grabbed some deck ( no seahorse that’s not what she said) for assorted Merkins , derkins , duckwalks , crab walks and general F3 foolishness. Waved into the security cameras as we ran by them, hopefully will not be banished in the future – it’s a lovely addition to aldermans play areas. More merkins and derkins on the way back. Mosey to the school yard for balls to the wall. Then a combination of bear crawling, lunging and pull ups followed by suicide merkins. Mosey back to the sitting triangle for some Mary and COT.


No puns or singing today but enthusiasm seemed high. Good to see the always crafty Minecraft and The Adjustyer back after relatively long absences. Also good to see Ahab make his second cruise this week – he thought it was a whale of a time apparently – along with the usual foxes- The M squad , miyagi , Moab and Mr T , and a couple of lost boys from down south – i’m looking at you tombstone and chop shop. Tom Sawyer remains a modern-day warrior but is unfortunately not in a Rush to Q . Tiny dancer provided much of the Mary today- thanks for closing. I heard Donut initially didn’t want him to close up his Q injury last year and tiny dancers first response was “suture self.” Say It slowly 😏. Seahorse displayed his usual equinimity . I did manage to lead him to water and he chose not to drink. RX didn’t think it was hard at all . I think he only found it hard back when he was Cialis.


Seahorse requested prayers for a friend who is going through a difficult time with his faith.

Mountie requested prayers and solicited ideas for the course that he is teaching at UNCW – needs a name for his Boot Camp course .

Mr. T brought up an upcoming 5K – DM him for details

Prayers for those running today – especially the 50 K runners. Prayers for first responders and future F3ers.

Coffeteria at crêpes and more. Got to hang out with Crepe face , practice my French accent and enjoy some delicious Gluten free victuals and F2.

Thanks for playing. Always a pleasure and an honor. Niles out<<



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