You Missed It – The Rain Stopped

The Rain Went Away


AO: ogAO (Hugh MacRae Park0

PAX: LETC, Ugly Stick, Gravity, Busted Grill, Snickers, Dixie Chick, Mayhem, Fire Marshall Bill, Tom Sawyer, Blade, & P-Doc (Greenville, NC and here).

QIC: Gravity

Warm Up:

Side Straddle Hop x 25 IC

Cotton Picker x 20 IC

Hill Billy x 20 IC

The Thang:

Mosey to the Pull Up Bars (somehow I had to explain that despite my dislike of running I still have to lead by doing what I know is not fun and the PAX need a light jog to complete the warmup).

Pull Up Bars:

Circuit: 5 pull ups, 10 dips, run to Goose Poop Island and do 15 wall jumps x 3. Mary on the 6.

Mosey to the Tennis Courts for Dora 123

100 Merkins

200 Squats

300 Frozen Freddie Mercuries (Partners complete together after each does two rounds of burpees during the 300.

Partner runs to the other side of the tennis court and does 3 burpees.

We peel the PAX off the concrete and mosey to the AO.

Wind Sprints until 6:15 am – that was fun!!!


Prayers of thanks for a break in the weather – we were not rained on during the entire workout.

Prayers for Mayhem’s brother as he battles his demons.

Prayers for Busted Grill’s M as she has minor surgery on her tongue.

Prayers of strength and endurance for those running in the Southern Ultra.

Prayers for our first responders and military.

It was an honor and pleasure gentlemen. I forgot how fun it was to Q a non-Heavy Metal Workout. The name-o-rama was posted to Instagram – be sure to follow F3 Cape Fear on Instagram and support the other social media initiatives.

One really funny moment during the COT: Watching BG grab the Ghost Flag and running around Ugly Stick – super funny.

Respectfully Submitted, Gravity



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