The Speed Bump Boogie

QIC: Stiffler


Date: 1-10-18


PAX: YHC, Nomad, Trolley Stop, Chicken Noodle, Tiny Tank, Crosswalk, Rx, Sir Mix Alot, Hooch, Glass Joe, Rocket Queen, FNG Mac-N-Roe, Tombstone, Tea Party


Warm Up:

Side Straddle Hop x30

Forward Windmill 20 seconds

Backward Windmill 20 seconds



Mosey to speed bump drive beside soccer fields. At every speed bump an exercise is performed. A leg exercise is performed down to the next speed bump. First speed bump, 50 diamond merkins. Gorilla Jump to next speed bump. Second speed bump, 100 LBCs. Lunges to the next speed bump. Third speed bump, 20 burpees. Karaoke to the next speed bump. Fourth speed bump, 30 Sumo Squats. Run to next speed bump. Last speed bump, 40 Carolina Drydocks. PAX flutter kicked until all Pax were finished.

Mosey to “Flamers Wall.” PAX completed 20 Balls To The Wall Hip Slaps, ran to sidewalk and back. 20 Flutter Kicks, ran to sidewalk and back. 20 Dips, ran to sidewalk and back. 20 Wide Merkins. PAX held Ab Plank for 20 seconds x3 until all PAX were finished with circuit.

Mosey back to flags for COT.




– Tiny Tank needs replacement for his Q on Friday. Nomad stepped up to take the Q. Strong work, Nomad!

– Chicken Noodle reminded PAX that Bibles and Bagels is on Friday. We will be discussing the disciplines of Godly men. Come out to build your character and support your brothers!

Ended COT with prayer of gratitude and thankfulness to our father in heaven for our lives and our F3 group. May we go into the world and bless others around us. Thank for the opportunity to lead a Q for a great group of broskis! Peace, Love, and Hair Grease.

Stiffler, out!




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