Let’s just keep goin’

DATE: 1/9/18

Location: Turbo Tuesday, Wrightsville Beach, NC

QIC: Venus

# of Pax: 3

Pax: BTB, Tank


After what seemed like forever in the cold spell, the weather was great! Yes you had to wear some layers but I was sweating which hasten happened in forever.





Lets do this thing!

I may have snoozed a little bit too much this morning so I rolled up at 0529 to the AO. I was slightly flustered.

I had this awesome planned run/exercise beatdown planned but it went out the door as soon as I got to the AO.

I haven’t been to a run day in over a month. Im not sure why I hesitate from running, Maybe I’m not that good at it, or it scares me but once you get moving it feels great! Come out and try it!

We started running towards the drawbridge and then just kept going. Once we reached Summerest Trail near Port City Chop House, we completed 50 Squats each.

Then we ran towards the gates at Landfall and we just kept going

Then we ran towards Military Cutoff Road.

YHC felt like it was a good time to turn back around at this point, so we did!

Once we got to the Landfall gate again we did 50 LBCs then continued back to the AO!

We got back with about 6 minutes to spare after covering 4.25 miles.

One thing we do not do enough of is STRETCH! So We loosened up the muscles after a leg stretching run and it felt great! AT 0615 YHC had a HOT COLON and Had to GO! Sorry boys!


Sign up to Q Baywatch! Be careful, Tank may just sign you up!

Goodluck to the Southern Ultra Runners this weekend. I will do my best to come support!

BTB had the brakes on the whole time. Thanks for going slower for us and helping our “feelings”

It was an honor to be with y’all this morning! Thanks for following.

Until next time…

Venus out!




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