Thawing Out

DATE: 1/8/18


# of PAX: 12

PAX: EOM, Zuckerburg, Dino, Trump, Venus, 8 Penny, Short Rib, Hologram, Cuatro, Etch A Sketch, Tenenbaum


  • YHC, Trump, and Zuckerburg met at 0500 for Ruck and Read. We covered about 1.5 miles of frozen track, laid out stations for the workout, and Read Genesis 15:1-15:21 and Matthew 6:5-7:29


  • SSH x 25 IC
  • Imperial Walker x 25 IC
  • Cotton Pickers x 25 IC


  • mosey out and towards the picnic shelter near station 1 for explanation
  • mosey around the pond to the flags planted on the other side for station 2 explanation
  • mosey to the pull up bars for station 3 explanation
  • Pick a Partner:
    • you will complete 3 full laps around the pond
    • start at the pull up bars, 15 pull ups each, then run in opposite directions
    • at the picnic shelter, complete 50 jump ropes
    • at the flags spread 25 yards apart, broad jump burpee from one to the other
    • continue around the pond, every time you pass your partner, stop for 10 patty cake merkins
    • stop at the pull up bars for 15 pull ups on each lap
  • Mary while we wait for the SIX
    • windshield wipers x 10 IC
    • heels to heaven x 20 IC
    • super man x 10 x 3 IC
  • mosey back around the track to pick up Short Rib, the flags, and the jump ropes
  • stop at the parking lot and stay with your partner
    • Partner A starts to bear crawl around the farthest median and back
    • Partner B runs the lap and picks up bear crawl where Partner A gets to
    • Flap Jack for 2 full laps
  • Mary while we wait for the SIX
    • American Hammers x 25 IC
    • Flutter Kicks x 30 IC
  • pick up EOM and Short Rib and complete remaining bear crawl together
  • mosey to the flag!


  • Southern Ultra this weekend
  • Prayers for Heidi (Dino’s M) who goes in for 1 year check up
  • Prayers for Ball Bearing’s family
  • Prayers for Etch A Sketch’s M
  • Cuatro led us out in a powerful prayer and challenge to us all to be better men every day in every aspect of our lives.

I hope you warmed up quick!

BTB- over and out!


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