Snow fox Silverfox

Date: 1-6-18
AO- Silverfox at Alderman Elementary

Pax: Busted Grill, Dino, Rx, Heisenberg, Niles, Snickers, Stiffler, Tom Sawyer, and Wreckit Ralph

Snowmageddon is still here. The roads are still terrible, and it is still COLD. YHC noted that the truck read 11 degrees. Hmmm…..Could we get more pax than degrees? Well, the answer is Nope – but we came close. At 0655 the pax started rolling in.

SSH IC x 50
Imperial walkers IC x 20
Shoulder press IC x 20
Copperhead squats IC x 20

The Thang-
The plan is to keep moving, and stay off of the ice, so we mosey to Fordham Rd where it is clear of ice (mostly). First block, we sprint 1/2 way, then backwards run to stop sign. Snickers goes down in a pothole. Rut Roah… a lot more running to come. He incredibly sucks it up.
At stop sign – Seal claps IC x 30
Karaoke to next block – Merkins IC x 15
High knees and butt kickers to next block – SSH IC x 50 (Niles finally joins us)
Mosey to next block – Invisible box jumps IC x 20
Mosey into Mall entrance over to Wells Fargo.
Find a partner for Dora – W
100 mule kicks on wall
200 shoulder taps
300 mogul jumps over drive thru curb.
Partners alternate running around bank.

Mosey back to big loop of mall. Mosey down center of road like we own it. Stop at each intersection, for a variation of Stack, staying the pax all together.
1st stop – 5 burpees
2nd stop- 5 burpees, 10 merkins.
3rd stop – 5 burpees, 10 merkins, 20 squats.
Rinse and repeat 3 times.
After looping mall, we are back to where we started. 5 more burpees.

Everyone runs back to flag OYO at 1 mile pace. If you get there first, come back to get the 6.

No time for Mary.

CoT – Look who is here! Busted Grill!! Prayers for Ballbearing’s MIL and their family. Prayers for Wreckit Ralph’s close friend dealing with cancer. It’s cold so let’s get to coffeeteria!

Mole Skin-
Coffeeteria for Silverfox has been moved to Crepes and More to support and visit with our F3 brother Crepe Face. This tradition will continue.

The typical rule for Silverfox is little running and not to leave the AO. YHC changed it up because it was COLD and the AO was covered in ice. Sorry BG – glad you found us for CoT and 2nd F. Niles arrived on time with our flag, then had to go home to get his car keys? Ask him to explain it to you. Snickers, the workout was planned to avoid injuries. Apparently more planning was required. Sorry brother. Way to push through. Rx, I enjoyed running to Wells Fargo loop with you. Strong work today. Heisenberg, you have been the one and only beast this week. Tclaps to you. Stiffler, I have been watching your work down at Screaming Eagle. Keep pushing and giving it away brother. Thanks for bringing your energy today. Tom Sawyer, you have become a regular. You post today, and you are hooked. I’m glad Les Nesman and I stayed on you. Wreckit Ralph, your attitude towards cold is contagious. I forgot all about the temps 5 minutes after seeing you. Thanks.

Pax, the warmth of the Iron sharpening Iron far exceeded the external temps today. It was an honor and a pleasure.

LETC out




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